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Series Fictions

Written, Not Seen series.October 31, 2000
(Buffy/Spike) (NC-17) This is my revisionist series. I am rewriting every episode of Season Five so that it has a Buffy/Spike twist to it. I started these before I knew that there would actually be a storyline where Spike falls for Buffy.

The Weight Of Love 3-11-06 NC-17
Buffy and Spike find their way back to one another after Sunnydale. Set a little in the future, but not much. Could be considered AU, but I do stick with the Wolfram and Hart storyline somewhat. Will have a pretty lengthy sequel that is already written.

The Weight Of Forever 3-19-06 NC-17
The sequel to Weight of Love. Buffy stays in Los Angeles and accepts a job at Wolfram and Heart. Her life is finally perfect, but an outside force threatens to destroy everything that she has worked so hard to build. My favorite story so far.

The High Stakes Series
(NC-17) Buffy and Spike try to come to terms with working with one another by making bets. It starts out harmless enough, but quickly becomes something neither of them are prepared for.

The Letting Go Series

Please Remember Me
(NC-17)Angel's leaving town, Buffy's devastated, Spike's back and the mayor is about to ascend. Add it all up it spells...YIKES! Buffy/Spike

Letting Go
(NC-17)The sequel to Please Remember Me.
The Council has BIG plans for Buffy. And no will will ever be the same once they Let Go. Buffy/Spike Willow/Oz

Driving Lessons
(NC-17)(Buffy/Spike)This is an interlude in the Letting Go series. What happens when Spike agrees to teach Buffy to drive?

Stand Alone Fics...

Coffin Of Hope9-23-06 Strong R
Buffy goes to Los Angeles to visit Angel and Spike, but they are in for the shock of their lives when they see her. She's got a secret that is killing her and it's up to them to figure out how to cheat fate and give her another chance at life.

Heaven's On Fire 9-23-06 NC17 Rating
Buffy hasn't been doing very well since she came back from Heaven. She hates her new found life, she hates her friends for bringing her back and most of all ... she hates Spike for constantly trying to save her from herself. Will he succeed or will her path of self destruction lead her to a fiery end?

Hands 3-11-06 R Rated
It's the night of Xander's non-wedding and Buffy decides that she has a few things to tell Spike ... especially about his "date" to Xander's wedding. Fun, kinda angsty.

Gentle Whisper of Souls1-8-05 NC17!!!
There is more to Buffy's dalliance with The Immortal than meets the eye. When she shows up in Los Angeles to confront Angel and Spike about coming to Italy ... the vampires find out that saving Buffy from herself is their new mission.

Next Time September 19, 2002 (NC-17!) Spike discovers Buffy's garlic covered room during Season Six. Can she resist temptation once and for all?

When The Dust Settles September 19, 2002 The obligatory "Smashed" fic. Buffy and Spike's first time ... relive it. :)

Empty September 19, 2002 Spike thinks about Buffy's death. Spike's POV. Slight NC-17.

Heaven Can WaitNovember 18, 2001
(PG - B/S) Buffy can't really adjust to being back from Heaven so Spike helps her out as best he can. Challenge fic.

The Bloody Awful PoetMarch 6, 2001
(Strong R-rating) (B/S) Dawn discovers Spike's poetry notebook and his love for Buffy. It's kinda funny. No smut. No real reciprocation from Buffy in this one.

Nothing At AllMarch 6, 2001
(NC-17) Spike's POV. Things turned out a little differently when Riley left Sunnydale. Spike got the girl, but he isn't too pleased with how the girl turned out. (smut)

Wet and Wild
(NC-17)(B/S B/R) My first novel length fanfiction. Spike is captured by the Initiative again and Buffy has to join to get him back. This is set DIRECTLY after Something Blue so Hush never happened. It's very long and very involved.
[Parts 1-3] [Parts 4-6] [Parts 7-9] [Parts 10-12] [Parts 13-15]
[Parts 16-18] [Parts 19-21] [Parts 22-24] [Parts 25-27] [Parts 28-30]

We Made Love
(PG) (Buffy/Spike) Tissue Warning. This fic takes place in the future of Wet and Wild. It's Spike's point of view. Angsty!

Meant to DanceDecember 22, 00
(PG) Spike is following Buffy around, trying to make sure she's safe. She catches him and they 'dance'.

Me and My ShadowDecember 22, 00
(NC-17) Buffy reflects on her relationship with Spike as he makes love to her.

The Taste of BuffySeptember 7, 2000
(NC-17) Spike can't get the memory of Buffy and her "taste" out of his head, so he pays her an impromptu visit.

Walking After Midnight
(NC-17)Buffy is injured while fighting a demon and finds herself paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Spike, needing a place to hide from demons, takes on the task of caring for Buffy while Joyce works. One thing is bound to lead to another...
Parts: 1-3
Parts: 4-6
Parts: 7-9 UPDATED 7-20-00
Parts: 10-12 UPDATED 7-20-00
Parts: 13-15 UPDATED 11-24-00
Parts 16-18 Updated January 19, 2001
Parts 19-21 Updated January 19, 2001
The END! Updated July 2, 2001 NEW!!

Meeting Halfway
(NC-17)(Buffy/Spike) This is pure PWP. Buffy does something that angers Spike and she won't apologize. Smut ensues. Graphic! (7-20-00)

Hold Onto Me
(NC-17)(Buffy/Spike)Cordelia calls Buffy to LA without telling her that Angel is there...and Spike tags along. Wackiness ensues and Wesley is a VAMPIRE!

Other Enemies
(Buffy/Spike)(NC-17)FINALLY FINISHED!!!! This is going to be a series. It picks up where Enemies left off. Buffy almost murders Faith and gets scared so she decides to run away again and Spike shows up just in time to catch her and let her know he needs her help desperately. They embark on a road trip to Mexico that leaves them both out of sorts...

How It Happened
(NC-17)Spike tells someone how he took care of Buffy. A cheering up fic challenge reply.

Rough Housing©
Faith and Buffy punish some would-be rapists- Spike and Mr Trick show up, the plot thickens, and thickens and thickens; as sex, lies, videotape, and soul swapping abounds...
*contains violence!*
NC-17, Spike/Buffy, Faith/Trick, Angelus/Buffy

The Byron Brother's Sheep Saga
(PG-14)(Buffy/Spike) Buffy and Spike attend the carnival and run into trouble. This was a reply to a challenge about sheep.

(PG) Another fic challenge reply. This is Spike's return to least MY way.

Mi Casa Su Casa©
(PG Buffy/Spike) Buffy's never been to Spike's house. Season 4 implied.

Story Book
(NC-17!) Someone wanted a shameless smut fic. This was hot on the heels of the Halloween episode. Little Red Riding Hood gets caught. :)

Bitch's Brew
(NC-17!!) Spike picks up a hooker who winds up cursing him...have sex with the Slayer or his penis will rot off. What won't a guy do to save his manhood?

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