Livin' La Vida Loca

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Buffy spun around fast, kicking the vampire hard in the face. It was an old guy. Not old in the vampire sense because he was just rising but was old in the sense of being about 75 when he was made. Buffy cringed as he rocked backwards and hit a tree. The man grunted and came at her again. This was always hard. Elderly and children vampires always gave her a wiggins. She hated dusting either one but her ass was on the line this time. As he staggered towards her, she plunged the stake and turned to smile at Spike. He had taken to accompanying her on her hunts since Angel had left town. Buffy hated to admit the fact that she enjoyed his company...even though she didn't like him. Much. Well, okay, he was handy to have around, and nice to look at and well, he certainly kept things interesting.

"Mi vida loca." Buffy sighed. "Welcome to my crazy life."

“You lost the bet, Slayer.” Spike smiled at Buffy. “You didn’t dust him in eight seconds. You took fifteen seconds. I win!”

Buffy shoved her stake in her waistband and put her hands on her hips. “I made it within seven seconds! Let’s just forget the whole bet.”

The blonde vampire shook his head and chuckled. “No deal! If you HAD staked him and won then I’d be the one on the verge of humiliation and something tells me YOU wouldn’t back down.”

The Slayer bit her lower lip and tried her best to look convincing, “Yes, I would.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Spike checked his watch. “Amateur night starts in thirty minutes. We better get you signed up.”

Buffy tried her best to whimper on a moment’s notice as Spike dragged her toward the only club in town that offered the stage to any act on Wednesday nights. She stumbled along trying to look pathetic but as they reached the door she realized that he would not relent. Tonight, the Slayer was the…Slayed. Tonight, her dignity was going bye-bye. *Why am I even attempting to be friends with Spike?* she wondered. *It’s not like I have ANY desire for ANY vampire. Angel’s gone. Spike has a nice ass…STOP THAT, Buffy!*

They walked in quietly together. He had her by the elbow and led her to the sign in desk. "This girl has amazing talent and she MUST perform tonight."

The woman who was sitting on the other side of the desk gave them both the once over. "We're all full. No room for anyone else."

Buffy sighed loudly in relief. "Oh well, there's always next time!" She whirled quickly and headed for the door.

Spike caught her elbow and led her back to the desk. "You don't understand, Ma'am. She has a sick child to support and really needs a shot at the prize money. Please, can't you bend the rules just a little? I'm sure a woman as beautiful as yourself has a heart just as lovely."

Buffy almost gagged. The woman he was talking to had a bee-hive hairstyle, orange lip stick and an overbite that would allow her to eat corn on the cob through a wire fence. There was no way the woman would fall for that line of crap.

"Okay. I'll bend the rules." The woman gazed adoringly at Spike. "She needs to go on backstage as soon as possible though and get ready."

"Thank you." Spike grinned widely.

"I get off in three hours." The woman winked a heavily eyeshadowed eye. Dark blue no less.

Spike winked back and dragged Buffy away. She protested slightly, "Look, the nice lady wants some Spike action so why don't you go prey on her instead of me?"

"Wrong. A deal's a deal, Buffy. A person is only as good as their word. You'll do fine." Spike pushed her toward the stage door. "Besides, I could use a healthy dose of laugh-in-your-face hysteria and I'm sure you'll provide it smashingly."

"Bastard." Buffy stomped her foot.

"I may be a bastard, pet, but I'm one bastard who will leave this club with every ounce of pride I wore in. You on the other hand..."

The Slayer turned around angrily to rush away and ran smack into the door. Spike laughed loudly, "I know you are eager to get it over with, love, but no sense knocking yourself out just to please me." He gently opened the door and pushed her inside. "I'll clap even if no one else does, I promise."

A few seconds later Buffy was standing backstage discussing her performance options with the stagehand. She could sing..or not. There was always juggling…if she knew how to juggle. She could stand there and try to be a comedienne. Or she could burst into tears which is what really appealed to her. The man looked her up and down and smiled, “Can you dance?”

“Dance?” Buffy shrugged. “I can when I have to. I’ll dance.”

“Pick some music off this playlist and get ready. You go on next.”

“Crap!” Buffy grabbed the playlist and sighed. “I’ll dance to track ten.”

She watched from the sidelines as Spike took a seat in the front of the stage at the only table with an empty chair. The place was packed. Buffy noticed that the stage had one of those Stripper bars going up the middle of it. She realized finally that they were inside the Fish Tank, a seedy establishment that doubled as a strip club/bingo parlor/humiliation station. She rolled her eyes as several men whooped and hollered for a woman who was tap dancing in a string bikini while she played her own music with a harmonica. Her bikini flew open and she just left it that way. Buffy was shocked until the stage guy said, “That’s gonna get her massive points! This is an adult club.”

“Damn you, Spike!” Buffy said under her breath. She’d teach him. She would go out there on that stage and give it her all. She didn’t get defeated easily. The Slayer would slay this audience. So much for humiliation.

The emcee announced her name as the next act and she walked slowly onstage. She was wearing tight leather pants and a silk halter that tied around her neck and back. Buffy knew she looked great and the chorus of catcalls she received only gave her courage.

‘She’s into superstition, black cat’s an voodoo dolls
I feel a premonition, that girl’s gonna make me fall.’

Buffy gyrated. Spike salivated. She danced like this song was invented for her and in a way it was. She was definitely living la vida loca everyday of her life. Spike watched from the front row. She captivated him. Her blond locks framed her face and as she wrapped her leg around the bar and gyrated against it, her eyes met his. He had never wanted anyone so much in his life. She was a vision. The words seemed to describe exactly what he’d like to be doing with her.

‘She'll make you take your clothes off
and go dancing in the rain
she'll make you live the crazy life
or she'll take away your pain
like a bullet to your brain”

Dare he admit he always had been attracted to her? Since the first day he saw her he couldn’t get her out of his head. She was more magnificent than any Slayer he’d seen, or killed. Spike didn’t want this one dead though. He just wanted her. Buffy was definitely a threat to him. A Slayer was a vampire’s worst enemy and the bullet to the brain would most likely be a stake through the heart..but who cared? With her slim hips and gyrating ass, Spike certainly didn’t care. If he got staked right now, he’d go happy.

He never thought she’d have the courage to do this but here she was. She was actually enjoying it. The vixen. Spike smiled, wondering if the flush creeping up her cheeks was from dancing or being as aroused as he was becoming.

“upside inside out
she's living la Vida loca
she'll push and pull you down
she's living la Vida loca
her lips are devil red
and her skins the color mocha
she will wear you out
she's living la Vida loca
living la vida loca”

Buffy was empowered. She felt such a strong crowd reaction as she swung around the pole that she ran her hands through her hair, untying her halter. Her chest fell free and the crowd went wild. Her mind raced and she knew she was halfway through the song. Buffy took a deep breath and stepped off the stage onto Spike’s table. She covered every inch of that table with grinds and moves that would make the devil blush. He was sitting a few feet away and she jumped down onto his lap for the final few minutes of the song. Her halter was still undone and she danced wildly while she straddled him in front of everyone.

‘she never drinks the water
makes you order French Champaign
and once you had a taste of her
you'll never be the same
she'll make you go insane’

Spike knew that hunting with Buffy would NEVER be the same again. He knew better than to try to touch her. Despite the fact that she initiated it, the bouncers were already on their feet just in case he got frisky. Spike wanted to do so many things to her. He definitely wanted to taste her. His arousal was very evident and he knew Buffy could feel it from her current position. He gritted his teeth to keep from losing his mind.

‘She'll make you take your clothes off
and go dancing in the rain
she'll make you live the crazy life
or she'll take away your pain
like a bullet to your brain

upside inside out
she's living la Vida loca
she'll push and pull you down
she's living la Vida loca
her lips are devil red
and her skins the color mocha
she will wear you out
she's living la Vida loca
living la Vida loca
living la vida loca’

The song ended and Buffy got off of Spike. She walked slowly up on stage, retied her halter-top and took a bow. The crowd was on its feet, cheering wildly and screaming for an encore. Buffy waved shyly and hurried backstage. She stood off to one side as the judges began to tabulate their scores. Spike had his eyes pinned to her and she smirked at him a little, he shook his head in amazement and grinned.

The emcee took the stage and smiled, “My GOD, that was entertainment. Someone book that girl here on a nightly basis, PLEASE?! I think we all know who the winner is. Buffy!!!”

The crowd erupted again and Buffy couldn’t help but pat herself on the back. SO much for humiliation. Maybe she didn’t need a college degree after all. This was actually fun. She walked up on stage and collected her trophy, which was filled with money. She waved and blew kisses at the audience.

Spike helped her off the stage and they walked together toward the bar. “You amaze me.”

“Do I?” Buffy grinned knowingly. “Is that a stake in the front of your pants or did you enjoy me?”

“I could enjoy you a lot more at my place.”

“Tsk, tsk, Spike! It was a lapdance, not a come on.” *Unless you don’t want me to play hard to get…in which case... I am yours.*

“Weren’t you embarrassed at all?” Spike cajoled. “Just a little?”

“Nope and we better go.” Buffy picked up her loot and turned, running straight into Giles and Wesley who were both holding beers. “Oh……my……God.”

Giles raised an eyebrow. “Suffice it to say, I’m shocked.”

“To say the least.” Wesley added. “Care to explain?”

Spike began to laugh as Buffy turned redder than the blood he so loved. She stammered for a few minutes and finally said…as if it made sense at all, “It ’s Wednesday. Everybody works on Wednesday.”


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