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"BLOODY HELL!" Spike weakened, almost lost his balance and threw a foot down on solid ground. He'd had her for months and she could still almost kill him. He paused for several seconds before he began again, moving with an unbearable burst of speed. If she were normal she would have crumbled under his pressure. But she was top of the line. She was better than any other he’ d ever had.

She purred beneath him, growling. He had spent so much time working on her, getting her ready. She was begging to be ridden by the time he gave her what she wanted. And she responded. Oh, how she responded. Together, they flew around the curves of desire and tempted fate with their reckless abandon. They became one being, pushing the limits and knowing no bounds. He was ashamed and exhilarated by how much he loved her.

Spike didn't doubt for one second that he'd met his match in her. She was pure power. Her body was a work of art that demanded respect. Her sleek curves and the way she seemed to shine in the moonlight was mesmerizing. The first time he ran his hand over her smooth frame, he knew.

He was grinning wildly when it happened. Something wet and sticky slammed into the front of his visor, blinding him and he laid his motorcycle, his prized possession, on it's side. With a scream of anguish, he rolled to his feet and assessed the damage. A car honked impatiently behind him and he flipped them a bird before he pushed the bike into the grass. He never rode her for fear of this happening and he was livid that it had on the one night when things needed to go right. He was already late for his date with Buffy and she would probably rant incessantly for hours.

Yanking his helmet off, he glared up and down Revello Drive, then he saw her, holding a carton of eggs. It was suddenly apparent what had caused the accident. "Slayer! You are so fucking dead!"

"You are so fucking late!" She stomped toward him, wearing a beautiful red floral dress and about to chuck another egg at him. "How dare you make me wait! This is our FIRST date!"

"Don't you throw that, Buffy!" He growled, then let his face change when another egg bounced off his forehead. This one connecting with skin instead of his visor.

She took one look at him and shrieked as he gave chase. The eggs were dropped and she gathered her dress up in both hands to keep from tripping over it. She stumbled into her house and was about to shut the door when he burst in behind her. Still growling, he forced her to face him. "You could have killed me!"

“I still might!” She elbowed him in the chest and pointed her finger at him. “How could you be late? And why are you here on your motorcycle when I told you that it was a black tie affair?”

“My car wouldn’t start. I spent over an hour working on that cycle just to get me here!” He stalked into the kitchen and ripped several paper towels off of the roll, angrily wiping his face.

“And you can’t pick up the phone?” Buffy tapped her foot angrily behind him. It was too late to even contemplate going to Sunnydale University to see the production that SHE had designed the set for.

He tossed the towels into the wastebasket and said. “In case you’ve forgotten, my phone lines were demolished when Willow caused that little cyclone. If I had to walk to a pay phone I’d be even LATER.”

“I missed opening night!” She cried. “I was supposed to go onstage and be commended for my designs!”

“What designs?” Spike shook his head, wondering if she had mentioned it and he had just forgotten. Lately when she spoke to him all he could think about was kissing her or how her mouth had felt on his dick. **I’m so pussy whipped and I can’t even remember the one time I had her pussy! Damn liquor!**

“I made all the sets for the play writer’s festival at school. I did that! Me! And now I’ve missed it!” Buffy bit her lower lip and tried not to cry but she failed miserably. This was supposed to be one of the biggest nights of her life. Her father had come from Los Angeles and every single person she knew was there to watch.

“I’m sorry. Look, don’t cry.” Spike pulled off another paper towel and handed it to her. “I didn’t know.”

“Yes you did!” She snatched the towel and blotted her eyes. “I told you I had tickets to something.”

“I would have called a cab if I had known it was so important. Hell Buffy, I didn’t even know the car was torn up until it was time to leave.” He frowned when she turned and walked back into the living room and followed her. “Why didn’t you just go with your mother?”

“Because unlike some people, I don’t stand people up.” She crossed her arms and flopped back onto the couch.

“I DIDN’T…” He shouted, then grew quiet when Joyce opened the door. A man he didn’t know followed her in. “Hello Joyce.”

“Spike!” She smiled and patted him on the arm. “Hi! I’d like to introduce you to Buffy’s father. This is Hank. Hank, this is Spike.”

Spike extended a hand, feeling like a bug under a microscope as the man eyed him up and down. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Summers.”

“Call me Hank, please?” Hank shook his hand and glanced at Buffy, who was still sitting with her arms crossed. “Sweetheart, are you all right?”

“No.” Buffy continued to pout. “I missed opening night!”

“Actually,” Joyce walked around the coffee table and sat beside her. “the entire thing was canceled because of some technical difficulties with the sound system. We thought you knew which was why you didn’t show up.”

“Really?” Buffy sat up straighter and stared at her mother. “I didn’t miss it?”

“Nope.” Joyce smiled at her. “All you missed was some static, some loud squeals and someone shouting that it was postponed until tomorrow night.”

Hank was still staring at the young man who had been there, alone, with his daughter. “So, what exactly kept you from coming if you didn’t know it was postponed?”

“Car trouble.” Spike replied, absently pulling at his tie as the man made him more and more uncomfortable.

“Do you go to school with Buffy?” Hank loosened his own tie as he motioned at the chair across from his. “Sit down, er, Spike.”

Buffy glanced from one to the other and then grinned mischievously. “Yes, he does. Ask him what his major is, Daddy.”

Spike narrowed his eyes at her but quickly smiled at Hank when the man turned his gaze back to him and asked, “What’s your major?”

“Uhm…” He took the seat he had been offered and quickly blurted the first thing that came to mind. “Music.”

“Really?” Hank nodded slowly. “And how will you put that subject to use?”

“By singing?” Spike had no idea where he was going with this. How dare the Slayer put him on the spot?

“You want to be a singer? And you spend money on a college education to become one?” Hank shook his head and leaned back in his chair. “This is exactly what is wrong with America’s kids today. They throw away a perfectly good education to run down a dream.”

“Mate, did you happen to notice my accent?” Spike asked. “I’m not American.”

“Well, as long as you are attending a school here the least you could do is take advantage of what the curriculum has to offer.” Hank glanced at Buffy. “Like Buffy here. She has done an amazing job despite what Sunnydale University has to offer.”

“If failing history is amazing then I suppose.” Spike shrugged and sneered in Buffy’s direction.

“Oookay.” Buffy stood quickly and held up her arm as if she was looking at a watch. Her wrist was bare. “It’s getting late and Spike and I had plans so…”

“You failed history?” Hank pointed at the couch and Buffy slumped back onto it. “How could you fail history?”

“I didn’t completely fail. I was able to pass with extra credit and I really must leave now.” She stood again and her father glared at her. With a sigh she sat back down. “Go on. Read me the riot act. Pick a parental speech and blast me with it.”

Joyce shook her head and patted Buffy’s leg. “No. You and Spike obviously had plans so by all means go out and have fun. You earned it.”

Hank shook his head and sat back so Buffy could walk past him. “Great parenting, Joyce. Let her forsake her schooling and the money I’ve invested in it to go gallivanting around all over the place with a musician. Is it any wonder she’s made so many mistakes? Isn’t it a shock that she isn’t in prison by now? It’s because of this sort of thing that she’s…”

“Mom, can we borrow your car?” Buffy didn’t look at her father or Spike while her mother dug through her purse. She was mortified at her father’s display and even more upset that Spike had witnessed it. When she had the keys in her hand she turned on her heel and walked toward the door.

Joyce glared at Hank and followed her, speaking softly. “Buffy? He doesn’t mean it. You can’t expect him to understand your life when he doesn’t even know that you’re the Slayer.”

“I’ll see you later, mom. Love you.” She gave her mother a hug and grabbed the coat that came with her dress.

Spike stared at Hank for several seconds before he spoke. “You’ll pardon me for intruding, sir, but Buffy is quite possibly the most extraordinary human being I’ve ever seen. You underestimate who she is and what she does and that’s truly your loss.”

“Young man, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Hank snapped.

“No sir, I think YOU are the one with no idea.” With a final sneer at the man, he followed Buffy, pausing at the door to give Joyce a quick peck on the cheek. “Goodnight, Joyce.”

He stepped off the porch and started toward the car that Buffy was sitting in when she suddenly squealed away, leaving him to stare after her. Joyce had already shut the door so she didn’t hear the string of cuss words he was associating with her daughter’s name. He jumped onto his bike and strapped his helmet in place before he peeled out after her. They were going to have a nice long talk about how she rushed out on him all the time.


Buffy sighed when he zoomed in behind her and flashed his headlight. She adjusted her rear view mirror and kept driving, passing several cars that honked at her. She wanted to be alone. No one could make her feel as worthless as her father and the fact that Spike had given him even more ammunition infuriated her. She choked on a sob when she realized that she had woken up that morning feeling happier than she had in a long time because she had a date with Spike and now it was all ruined.

Spike glanced at his speedometer and shook his head. He was going seventy and she was pulling away and taking far too many chances. He sped up and pulled alongside her, motioning for her to pull over. She didn’t acknowledge him and he growled before he gunned his engine and moved in front of her.

Buffy swore loudly when he began to slow down and decided she may as well stop and try to explain that she didn’t want any company right then. She parked at a closed convenience store and watched as he shut off his engine and stepped off his bike. Her throat constricted when he pulled off his helmet and glared at her for several seconds before he stalked toward her. She had never wanted anyone more in her life.

She rolled down the window and started to speak when he yanked the door open and snatched her out of the seat. “Oww!”

He gripped her upper arms tightly and shook her back and forth. “Do you realize how fast you were driving? Do you know that you passed a car in a curve and you couldn’t possibly see if there was any oncoming traffic?”

“Let go!” She struggled to get his hands off but her held on. “You’re hurting me!”

Spike loosened his grip and nodded at his cycle. “I’m going to get back on my bike and you’re going to follow me to my house.”

“No, I’m not.”

“God damnit! You are, Buffy! I am so tired of this. Either you come or we’re finished!” He threw his hands in the air and shook his head. “I’ve had it!”

“Spike, don’t....”

“You’re driving me crazy, Slayer. I don’t like you being hot and cold and I don’t like chasing after you and trying so damn hard for nothing.” He looked away when her eyes welled up with tears and calmly added, “I’m going to go home. If you don’t come with me then don’t come again.”

Buffy felt like she had been slapped as he walked away and got back onto his motorcycle. He didn’t even look back at her as he sped away, leaving her standing alone in the deserted parking area. Slowly, she climbed into her car and tried to stop shaking. The thought of not being in his life anymore scared her to death and he looked serious with his threat.

As much as she hated swallowing her pride, she drove toward his home. He had been in Sunnydale for three months before he bought his apartment. It was actually a townhouse with a two-car garage in the better side of town. As she turned into his cul-de-sac, she recalled helping him move his things in and how much they had laughed and aggravated one another, barely getting anything done. That had been the first night she had ever looked at him and contemplated what it would be like to kiss him. Sighing, she flipped her lights off and parked in his drive, wondering what would happen when she went inside.

Spike was standing in his garage, fiddling with his helmet and trying to look as though he wasn’t waiting to see if she would come. He had been thinking about getting back on his bike and going to apologize when she pulled up. He walked to where she sat and opened her door. “Come on.”

Buffy nodded and followed him up the stairs. When they stepped inside his living room, he flipped on the light and motioned for her to sit on the sofa. He pulled off his tuxedo jacket and took his tie off before he spoke. “Do you want some tea or something?”

“No.” She stared up and down his body thinking how sad it was that he couldn ’t see how handsome he looked in his suit. He looked amazing and she wanted to press herself in his arms and never let go.

“Fine.” He sat down and glared at her. “Do you want to tell me why you keep walking out on me?”


Spike rolled his eyes and said, “And why not?”

“Because I don’t know why.” She replied honestly. “I don’t know why I want to run away from you and away from us.”

“Tell me how you feel about us. Tell me something, Buffy. Tell me anything.” He pushed, needing to hear her reply. “Do you want there to be an us?”

Terrified at the feelings she suddenly had, she stood and started toward the door. “I’m sorry, Spike, I can’t do this.”

“You can’t do what?” He quickly blocked her and put his hands on his hips. “What?”

“I can’t fall.” She whispered, looking at the floor.

“You fell a long time ago just like I did.” He put his fingers under her chin and made her face him. “I stopped trying to fight it and you should to.”

“It hurts.” Buffy closed her eyes as he ran his thumb across her cheek, brushing the tears away.

“It doesn’t have to. I’m not the one hurting you, baby. You’re hurting yourself and only you can stop doing that.” Spike lowered his head and pressed a light kiss to her trembling lips. “Let me in, Buffy. Let me show you how good it can be.”


“But what?” He asked angrily, trying not to shout at her. “What if we fight and cry and hurt each other?” She nodded and he added, “Well, what if we are happy and we laugh and we make it work?”

“What if..” Buffy’s voice broke as she spoke. “What if you leave me?”

“Do you think I could stay away from you? I can’t. I’ve tried and I don’t want to.” Spike caressed her face and neck as he continued. “Please, give this a chance. I’m scared too. I’m terrified that you will realize that you’re too good for me and…”

“Don’t you say that! Don’t you dare say that! I love you the way you are and you’re…” Buffy’s eyes widened and she gasped as realization hit her. The reason she was so terrified was because she loved him. And…she had just said it. To him. And he heard. “Oh God, Spike, I don’t know why I...”

He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently. “Let me, Buffy. Let me love you too, please?”

She felt weak in the knees when his mouth caught hers in a soft kiss. His tongue slowly probed her mouth, caressing hers and stroking her inhibitions away. The voice that kept telling her that it was a mistake was silenced when he pulled her against him. She wrapped her arms around him, willing to do anything to keep the feeling that poured through her body like a flood. With a small sob, she broke away and looked up at him. “Love me.”

“I do.” Spike gathered her in his arms and walked slowly into his bedroom where he gently deposited her on the edge of the bed. He ran his hands over the satiny fabric of her dress and slipped her shoes off, rubbing over her stocking clad feet. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?”

“No.” Buffy licked her lips as he ran his hands under her dress and hooked her behind the knees, pulling her toward him.

“You’re more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen.” He smiled when his hands roamed up the outside of her legs and connected with the top of the thigh highs she was wearing. “Stand up.”

Buffy stood on shaking legs and he turned her away from him, burying his face in the nape of her neck where he nibbled softly, inhaling her scent. Moving toward her ear, he whispered, “What do you have on under this dress?”

Cold chills dotted her flesh as he kissed her ear and she replied, “Why don’ t you find out?”

He slowly the zipper of her dress down her back, trailing his fingertips down her spine as he did so. When it was lowered all they way, he turned her again and stepped away. “Let it fall.”

Buffy was clutching the dress at her breast and when she saw his anticipation, she let it pool around her ankles. She stood before him, wearing a lacy red bra, matching garter belt and stockings. The lingerie had been a last minute addition to her wardrobe on the off chance that they would actually sleep together.

A sound between a growl and a moan escaped Spike’s throat as he looked up and down her body. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her dark curls stood out against the red lace of the garter belt around her hips. He stepped toward her and pulled the pins out of her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders before he spoke again. “I meant what I said, Buffy. You’re beautiful and this,” He ran his fingertips over her bra and stroked across her nipples. “this is nice.”

“It’s in the way.” She replied and started to unsnap it. The desire to feel him inside of her was unbearable and the sooner she was undressed the better he would make her feel.

“No, let me.” With one hand, he reached behind her and unfastened the clasp, tossing the thin piece of material aside. He lowered his head and slowly kissed her lips while his skilled hands moved lower and quickly opened the back of her garter belt. It fell downward and he kneeled in front of her to unhook the four straps that held her stockings in place.

Buffy cried out as he stood and gripped her hips and pulled her against his erection. He captured her mouth in his as he pushed her toward the bed. When she was flat on her back he stood and lifted her leg, bracing her foot against his chest. Slowly, he trailed a path up her leg and hooked his fingertips in the top of her stocking, rolling it gently away to reveal her smooth thigh. As the silky nylon cleared her knee he leaned in and kissed her flesh as it was exposed, following the hose down toward her ankles.

The process was repeated slowly with the other stocking and she was whimpering in anticipation when he brought his hands back up her legs and pushed them apart. She watched with wide-eyed wonder and he stared at her body and then lowered his head to her inner thigh. The minute his tongue licked across her clit she surged forward and gave him the perfect chance to grip her ass tightly to hold her in place.

Spike closed his eyes, blocking out every thing but her sweetness as he lapped at her warm nectar. He greedily covered every inch of her, sucking and nipping every time she cried out. In two hundred years, he had never had his thirst quenched this thoroughly. The taste of her desire for him fed something inside that he had never sated before. As she became hotter and hotter under his ministrations, he became more and more convinced that he had become a glutton. He would never get enough of her.

Buffy could feel her orgasm building and she gripped the bedspread tightly, calling his name. Spike increased the pressure with his tongue and slowly slid two fingers into her wet channel, pushing her over the edge. She threw her head back and almost sobbed at the relief that flooded through her. For so long she had waited and wondered what it would be like to have him satisfy her but nothing she imagined came close to the real thing.

Her body quivered as he slipped his fingers free and licked them clean. He smiled as her body glistened with sweat in the moonlight that peeked through the window and quickly pulled his shirt off. She started to sit up but he shook his head. “Stay put.”

She nodded and watched as he undressed. He had a tight T-shirt on under the white dress shirt he had on. As he untucked it and pulled it over his head, she marveled at the way his muscles moved and rippled. When he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor, her gaze followed them and she could have cried again at the fact that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. When he was naked, she held her arms up to him and he came to her.

Their eyes locked as he entered her. Their bodies became one and her heart thumped against his chest so hard he could have sworn it was his own. He kissed her as she lay beneath him; kissed her eyes, her nose, her chin and her cheeks and then devoured her mouth. It was like nothing he had ever known. As he rocked back and forth, burying himself and almost pulling free, he was overwhelmed by how much she meant to him. He would die without her and that was something he was sure of.

Buffy felt the familiar pressure begin to build and tightened her grip on him. As her second orgasm rocked through her, she let the tears that had been threatening to escape fall. She felt completely happy for the first time in far too long.

The sounds of her ecstasy pushed Spike over the edge and he joined her, her name rolling off his tongue as he released his seed deep inside her. He buried his face beside hers in the pillow as his demon emerged but he refused to bite her. He refused to go that far so soon. It took a few seconds for it to recede and when it finally did he raised himself onto his elbows and stared down at her. The smile he had quickly faded when he saw her tears. “What…did I hurt you? Did I scare you just now because I would never bite..”

“No!” Buffy shook her head. “I’m just…happy. I’m really happy.”

Spike rolled onto his back and pulled her across his chest. “Thank you for giving me the chance to prove that I was right and you were wrong.”

She propped herself on her elbow and stared down at him. “How was I wrong?”

He smirked and gave a small shrug. “I told you happy endings do happen.”

“But this isn’t the end.” Buffy narrowed her eyes, unwilling to let him get the upper hand, even after what they had just shared. “This is just the beginning.”

“So?” He rolled to his side so he could face her. “You think I can’t keep you happy?”

"That's what I'm afraid of. How can we keep this a secret now? They'll know that we're together. I'm not supposed to be happy around you."

“If they haven't figured it out by now, they won't.” His hand had begun exploring again and his mouth was eager to follow. "I bet they wouldn't care anyway."

"So what? You bet they know?" Buffy knew better. If they suspected it, they would have confronted her with it already.


“You’re on.” She whispered, as his hand moved between her legs.

“What are the odds?” He dipped his mouth to her chest and began to make small circles around her nipple.

“Hmmm.” She dug her fingertips into his back and shuddered slightly at how responsive her body was to his slightest touch. “I’ve always wanted to drive your motorcycle.”

He chuckled and shook his head between her breasts, making them jiggle back and forth. “And I’ve always wanted to see you drive her naked.”

“You’re on.”


“Pay up!” Willow announced, and held her hands up to collect the twenty-dollar bills that were being slammed into it. She grinned as she counted her money. “I told you she would be here.”

“This is just wrong.” Xander announced from the back seat of Oz’s van. Anya patted his shoulder and glanced back up at Spike’s apartment, shaking her head. He leaned against her and added. “I lost a twenty!”

“I can’t believe we are betting on them.” Giles shook his head and begrudgingly handed Willow his twenty. “For once, I agree with Xander. This is just wrong. You’d think they would be less obvious! I’ve trained her to be sneaky!”

“Maybe they aren’t sneaking anymore.” Anya shrugged.

“Yeah right!” Xander said. “Maybe they plan on telling us.”

“No way!” Willow said. "But we'll keep it interesting just in case. I bet we can blow their mind."

She quickly explained her plan and everyone smiled and chorused. "You're on."


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