How It happened

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No, I won't do it! Why? WHY?! I'll tell you why!!!

I wouldn’t have bothered going to see her if her little red headed pal hadn’ t blurted out that she was sick. It’s all Willow’s fault. Every single thing that happened that night is Willow’s fault and I’m going to kill her for that yet.

That’s all hot air and we both know it. So calm down already and let me talk here!

I don’t like the Slayer. Well, okay, I like some aspects of her. Like the way her hair shines and smells like fruit. And maybe I like the way her voice sounds when she tells me off and how her face gets all animated. I also like the way she pretends to be a dumb blond most of the time but when she isn’t thinking about it, she gets really deep and introspective. And her body….Fuck. I mostly like all the aspects of her but I know better than to even think about it. Much.

That’s a lie too because I think about it all the time since I came back to this hell hole and got roped into helping her all because I’m an idiot who couldn’t just let her die. So I saved her. Big fucking deal. Now I’m like nobody in the undead world and I used to be on top of my game.

Stop looking so damn smug.

Anyway, apparently Buffy had chicken pox. None of her friends could go around her because she was contagious and none of them had it before. It was the part about her being all alone that got to me. Believe you me, I kicked my own ass for that. I kicked it the whole way to the video store and the pizza place and the florist and the herb shop where I bought bath gunk to help her itching. I was still kicking my own ass when I got to the road her house was on.

I must’ve walked that block three times before I gathered up my balls and knocked on her door. I’m such a knob that my fucking hands were shaking and I was actually nervous. ME!! Nervous! What I should have done was throw down the bags I was carrying and find a tree limb to impale myself on but instead, I stood there. For a long time.

It dawned on me finally that she wasn’t answering so I got a little worried. Okay, I was terrified that she had killed herself somehow so I broke the door handle getting in. I tossed the loot I had on the downstairs sofa and made a quick sweep of the bottom level of her house. Then I took the stairs two at a time, envisioning her overdosed or something.

I found her standing in front of her bathroom mirror stark naked and staring at her dotted reflection. She was very dotted. Every inch of her flesh was covered with nasty looking red bumps. A few of them were even bleeding. She looked absolutely miserable and absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

So she hit me. Then she started crying, moaning about how ugly she was and how I was making fun of her. I wasn’t making fun of her and I tried to explain that but she shoved me out the door and locked herself in the damn bathroom. Usually, I would just knock it down but this was the Slayer’s house and if anyone could fashion a stake out of a wooden door then it would be her. So I was reduced to begging her to open it.

I tell you what. I could blush sitting right here at how pathetic I sounded. Coddling her and asking her to let me in because I had a special bath potion that would help her. I sounded like a pussy-whipped ass hole. Blimey! That’s what I actually am now! And damn it all, if you ever repeat that then I’ll rip out your small intestine and use it for floss.

Shit, I sat there for a good hour just talking to her. I could hear her whimpering on the other side of the door and felt absolutely sick myself for making her upset when she was already upset. So I go, “Slayer, come on out. You don’t look bad at all.”

“You’re just saying that.” She called out.

“Why would I just say anything nice to you?” I asked her. “I don’t even like you but there’s a lot of demon stuff going on and you need to stop being all splotchy soon so you can get back to work.”

As soon as I said it I regretted it. She sobbed again and screamed that I was an insensitive jerk. Wrong, baby. I thought. I’m overly sensitive where you’re concerned. She yanked open the door and sailed past me wrapped in a towel and rushed down the stairs. I figured she was looking for a stake so I rushed after her, hoping I could explain. She paused when she saw the broken front door, yelling obscenities that would make even ME blush. Assuming I could blush.

Then she squirmed a little, whimpered and said in the sweetest voice, “Can you scratch my back?”

I wasn’t even tempted to laugh in her face and tell her to kiss my ass. I nodded like a servant and ran my black nails across her bumpy back, scratching her gently. She moaned out and let the towel fall lower so I could access more of her speckled flesh. I was about to kiss the soft spot of her neck when she pulled away and looked at the stuff I had brought for the evening. I quickly fished the bath oils out of the bag and showed them to her, explaining what they do.

It was cute the way she bounced up and down while I ran the tub full of warm water and then hopped into it, not caring about her nudity. I watched the relief flood her face and picked up a loofah, wetting it in the water and trailing it over her flesh. She talked to me then. She talked a lot. Not about him because why would she do that when she’s already feeling like shit? And even if she had talked about him..this is MY story.

She talked to me and I hung on every syllable while I tried not to notice the way nipples peeked out of the water. Every inch of her was dazzling. Seeing her this way and knowing that she wasn’t at her full strength and felt bad, made her even more beautiful to me for some reason. I can’t believe how much like Paingel I am.

Are you smiling? Was that a smile? I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you. You can’t either, huh? Well shut up and quit talking and maybe I can make a long story short.

She let me bathe her. I wouldn’t have stopped if she tried to make me. Truth is, I was liking it more than she was. Cor, she’s beautiful. He whole body is hard and tight with muscle but at the same time it’s softer than a baby’s ass. I don’t know how I squatted next to that tub for so long because my pants were riding against my hard dick and I thought it was going to push a hole right through the zipper.

You’re smiling again. When was the last time you got so hard you couldn’t close your legs. I hate you. Freakin’ knob.

Anyway, she soaked until the water was cold and then she stood up and stepped into the towel I had opened. When it was around her she didn’t step away, instead she gazed up into my face and I swear she wanted me to kiss her. I didn’t because her phone rang and she rushed to get it. I was glad. I was absolutely not sure of what to do at that point. Part of me wanted to run out of the house and never come back because I was falling. Maybe I had fallen a long time ago.

“Spike?” She called from her bedroom. Her voice saying my name. MY name.

I joined her and she held up a jar of some sort of gelatin like goo. “Can you …I mean…will you please rub this on me?”

“Where at?”

“All over.”

Hell yeah, I’ll do that. “What do I look like, Slayer?”

“Someone who would be nice just this once and rub this on me. Please?”

She didn’t have to ask again. She stretched out on her bed, on her stomach and let the towel fall to one side. I’d be lucky if I made it through the night. I scooped some of it out and plopped it onto her back listening to her grumble about how cold it was. I covered her in it. From the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes, I massaged it into her. I was already half gone by the time she rolled over onto her back.

I don’t know if she stopped me or if I stopped myself from dipping bag into the jar of cream but somehow my lips found her mouth. Her mouth.

What? No that’s not all. Goddammit, this is my story and… what? It’s called a dramatic pause, you idiot. I wasn’t gazing off into space. I’m going to kill you if you interrupt me one more time.

She pulled me half on top of her and let her tongue meet mine.

Yes, I am fucking going to give all the details. Every single one if I want to... now ...shut …the…fuck…up. Enjoy the excitement. It's probably the most you've ever had.

Her mouth tasted like sugar cubes. It was sweet. So sweet and soft and wet. Her tongue fought mine with just as much force as she has with her fists. Her hands were in my hair, on my back, under my shirt. I had to pull away and make sure she was still the Slayer because this wasn’t…real.

But it was real. She was kissing me back and I felt her arch her hips arch against me. I had to ask her what she was doing and she didn’t bother answering, she kissed me again. I guess that was her answer and that’s all I needed to know. Her fingers were timid at first, fumbling with my buttons. I helped her, eased my shirt off for her and let her explore my chest.

She was thorough, running her fingertips and tongue across my nipples and lapping away at my earlobes and neck. Cor, she was hot. I had to taste her arousal and no blood in this world will ever satisfy me the way the juices between her legs did. It was like salt and honey. A perfect blend of sweet and sour. I could have stayed between her legs all night, lapping away at the nectar that pooled below her coarse curls.

Oh, look at you. YOU can blush.

I wanted to stay there. But I didn’t. When she bucked into my face for the second time, I stood up and pulled off my pants. She was more than ready and willing. Her legs were open as were her arms and I came to her. I entered her slowly. I could tell that she was practically a virgin because of how tight she was. Damn, she was tight. I felt her urge me despite her sharp intake of breath and I took her. I took her all night, for hours and in ways that I couldn’t believe possible.

In all my life nothing has ever made me happier. Nothing has ever made me feel more complete or whole. I didn’t have sex with the Slayer. I made love to her. I’ve never made love in my entire life and she felt it as much as I did because later that night, she turned to me and told me that she loved me before she fell asleep in my arms.

I love her.

She’s in my senses and she’s my missing soul. Every single pore on my body is mad for that girl and that's how it happened.

What was that, Giles?


You just asked me to go check on her because she’s sick and I can’t possibly do that after I dreamed something like this!

Fucking Idiot. You go check on her and tell her I said I can’t wait ‘til she gets better because I am going to kick her ass.

But Giles, don’t tell her why.


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