Rough Housing

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Buffy had enough. Her day had started out bad. She overslept, wound up late for school and had detention. As if that weren't enough, Giles had been on her case all day because she was slacking in the Slayer training department and tried to feign PMS. But he was onto her, pointing out that it was impossible to have it for three weeks in a row. Now she was screwed since it really would be there next week and she had no excuse. She looked at her watch and sighed. She was supposed to meeting Faith for patrol and she could forget the nap that she was looking forward too.

She threw on her favorite ill fitting overalls and stomped down the stairs. Before she cleared the door, Joyce stepped out and smiled.


"Yes. I wouldn't be dressed like this for the Bronze." Buffy shrugged.

"You never know who you'll bump into. I swear Buffy, since you got home from your 'vacation' you are downright frumpy." Her mom shook her head and went back into the kitchen.

"Thanks Mom...knew I could count on you!" Feeling like she couldn't stomp loud enough she slammed the door and jogged down the road.

Faith was chomping her gum loudly and staring at her watch. "C'mon, B. I got places to go..Men to seduce." She patted her stake against her leg and watched as two men started her way. "Let the fun

"You lost, little lady?" Asked the first one. A clean cut, college preppy type guy.

"Why? You looking to find something?" Faith asked, concealing her stake and smiling.

The two men chuckled and glanced around nervously. The other man, also clean cut but definitely not preppy, appraised Faith. Taking in her attire, she was wearing a short black micro mini and a halter that was anything but concealing, he asked. "How much do you charge?"

"Charge?" Faith raised an eyebrow. "You think I'm a hooker?"

"Aren't you?" Asked the prep.

"If I was, you couldn't afford it." She started to walk away but the other man grabbed her. She struggled, thinking she'd let them rough her up a little before she kicked their asses. It was always more fun that way. She pretended to be scared. "Let me go."

The prep leaned into her face and grinned. "Women like you make me sick. Out parading around with your body exposed. You'll burn in Hell."

"And weren't you coveting my ass?" Faith asked. "If I'm going to Hell I'll see you there."

"Bitch!" The prep backhanded her and grabbed her hair. "You ain't seen Hell yet."

Buffy stopped at a convenience store to buy a soda. She had to wait in line for ten minutes as a pimply faced boy tried to convince the store clerk that he was old enough to buy condoms. The clerk had taken them away and pointed out that the boy would need to grow one first and that a balloon would be just as effective at his age. She paid for her drink and walked toward the meeting place, an alley that ran behind the Bronze. She was in a bad mood. Boy, she hoped that trouble reared it's ugly head for her just this once. A good thrashing would give her an adrenaline rush and a major happy.

As she rounded the corner that the Bronze was nestled on, she was mortified to see a long line of classmates waiting to get in. Harmony saw her and burst out laughing. "Hey Buffy, what happened? Did you get dressed in the dark or did your fashion sense go the way of your brain?"

The laughter followed Buffy into the alley and she sped up trying to out run it. She heard more laughter as she ducked into another alley and her eyes went wide. Faith was being held down by two men who were apparently assaulting her. Buffy grabbed one and kicked him hard in the midsection and he went out like a light. The other one, with his pants down around his ankles, seemed oblivious and continued his attack. Buffy grabbed his 1993 bowl cut and yanked him backwards. Faith stood up and grinned, "No wonder I wasn't getting anything out of it. Were you overcircumsized or is that *really* all there is? I'd be ashamed to whip that little thing out."

Buffy laughed in spite of how serious this was. "I don't even think it can be considered assault. No way it penetrated."

"No, it couldn't have." Faith kicked the man hard between the legs. "It may swell now."

 "I'd kick him again. It would have to swell A LOT to do any good." Buffy pulled the man back up and held him there for Faith to kick.

He yelled out and dropped to his knees. Buffy shoved him forward and clapped her hands together. "You have good aim. You got it head on..IN THE DARK.."

"Lucky guess. Most dicks are in that region." Faith shrugged.

"But most protrude from that region" The other man began to wake up and Buffy reached and felt his pulse. "They are definitely of the human persuasion."

"Shit. I wanted to stake em!" Faith kicked the man again. "Should we call the cops?"

"I have a better idea." Buffy said. "We are kinda like vigilantes..and what they wanted to do was less than human.."

"We are gonna kill them?" Faith said. She looked thoughtful for a second and then shrugged. "Works for me."

"NO!" Buffy grabbed her arm as she was about to stake the man. "We can't kill them. But we can break them."

Faith looked at the two men and then said, "You get that one."

The two girl's pulled the men into an abandoned warehouse and knocked them around until they lost consciousness. Faith's went out first and she put her hands on her hips and watched Buffy. "No
fair..mine was a wimp."

"Well, you went savage beast on him. You have to let him collect himself after each blow..that way you KNOW he is primed for the next one." To demonstrate her point, Buffy slammed her fist into the guys jaw, waited until his head lolled back to the front and then let him make eye contact before she hit him again. With that blow he went out like a light.

Buffy worked quickly to tug off his Dockers and JCrew shirt. Not that she had any trouble. This was the same guy who had them half off anyway. The girls worked together to string them up and tie their hands and legs. Out of breath, they sat back and waited for the men to wake up.

"Men are dogs." Buffy said.

"Some of them." Faith nodded and popped her gum. "Want a piece?"

"Of what?" Buffy was scandalized.

"Gum, dumbass." Faith shook her head. "I swear, B, you always shock me."

"You're shocked?" Buffy shook her head. "You were the one about to be raped. And here you are popping your gum."

"I get off on that stuff, B." The raven haired Slayer grinned. "I like the rough stuff."

The men started to moan. "It's about to get rough." Buffy smiled and pulled her belt off. Faith, who was beltless, stood back and watched.

Buffy, with the belt in her hand, circled the two men. Both of them were watching her intently. The one with the bowlcut suddenly made an attempt to kick her and Buffy swung the belt hard..relishing in the
sound it made when it connected with his flesh. He howled out in pain.

"We need to gag them."

Faith shrugged and stood up. She grabbed a pair of boxers that one of them had worn and shoved it in the closest one's mouth. Buffy rammed a sock in the other one's mouth, and then hit him again. She swung the belt back and forth between the two not caring where it connected..just as long as it did. She started to sweat and stopped, wiping her forehead. "It's hot."

"Remedy that situation, Buffy." Faith stood up and yanked her clothes off. "The only thing that makes torturing assholes more torturing assholes in the nude." She grabbed the belt and cracked it
over a pair of dangling legs. Then she smiled at Buffy as she leaned in close to rub her breasts over the welts she had made.

Buffy didn't move, she watched. Faith worked swiftly, alternating between her fists and the belt but always pausing to look at her handiwork and touch the welts or the bruises with her breasts..or her tongue. Buffy was shocked to say the least. Not just because Faith was doing this..but because it was making Buffy wet and even hotter just watching. Sweat poured off of her and her fingers trembled as she undid the clasps that held her overalls in place. They were so baggy that they fell to the floor without any pushing. Buffy stepped out of them and quickly removed her sneakers. Standing in bare feet and a tight white T-shirt that came just to her navel, she was suddenly glad she had opted for thong panties.

Faith had stopped what she was doing and was watching Buffy intently. "Go on." she urged. Buffy pulled her shirt over her head and stepped slowly out of her panties.  Faith whistled. "I thought they were fake. I thought you stuffed your bra. You don't even wear a bra."

Buffy didn't protest as Faith took a step closer and ran her hand over her breasts. She arched her back as the other Slayer lowered her head and nipped one rosy nipple.  She chuckled a little and then noticed that both the men were watching her and both the men had erections. She felt empowered knowing that she was having such an effect on them. "Looks like the little fellows like what they see."

"I like what I see." Came a voice from behind them. The black man walked slowly into the room. "Don't mind me."

"Oh shit." Faith gasped.

"Oh shit?" Buffy asked. "Who is it?"

"Mr. Trick." Faith replied.

"Trick. Is he your pimp?" Buffy asked.

Faith looked at Buffy and snapped, "What in the fuck is it with people thinking I'm a hooker?!"

Buffy shrugged apologetically and then glanced at the vampire. He was wearing a suit that was so stylish it could NOT have come from Sunnydale. HE could not have come from Sunnydale. Her stomach suddenly lurched as she saw he had a friend with him. Spike stepped out from behind the black man and smiled. "Well, well well. I leave SunnyHELL for a while and the Slayer rules change." He drawled. "Of course, your only sex was with's enough to bring out the Ellen in anyone."

Buffy's hands shot to conceal her nude body and Spike chuckled. "And what's that you have there?"
He pointed at the two men who were watching the scenario with raised eyebrows. "You don't need them, luv. The two of you were doing fine."

"Who is that?" Faith asked Buffy.

"Spike." Spike walked closer and extended a hand. Faith refused.

"Also known as William the Bloody. Or William the Horny as the case may be. Buffy, Buffy, Buffy...slaying does a body good. You look...delicious."

The vampire Faith had called Trick, took a step closer and motioned for Faith to come to him. She looked at Buffy and then complied. Buffy gasped as Faith walked into his arms and kissed him
passionately. Spike had circled behind her as she was busy being stunned by the site of Trick groping Faith and her letting him. He reached out and cupped her ass and she whirled on him, leveling him with a blow to the jaw.

Spike chuckled and stood up. "If you wanted it rough all you had to do was ask." He punched her back and then wrestled her to the ground.

The feel of his body pressed against hers was amazing. She had always thought that Spike went beyond handsome to downright sexy. She stopped struggling and closed her eyes as Spike sprayed kisses all over her neck.  Did she want to screw him? She glanced over at Faith and Trick and saw that there was no question as to whether or not Faith wanted to be screwed by him. They were skipping the foreplay and had gone straight into hard core. Faith was pinned to the wall and Trick had  his pants down, slamming into her. Faith was purring like a kitten.

"Do you want to purr like that?" Spike asked.

"Get off me." Buffy shoved him a little. Just a little.

Spike leaned down low and whispered. "When Angelus was fucking Dru, he never said your name."

"FUCK YOU!" Buffy pushed him off of her and jumped to her feet.

"If you insist." Spike shot to his feet and grabbed her, yanking her to him. His mouth finding hers and devouring it.

Despite every thing she was screaming in her mind, she didn't protest. Spike lifted her off of her feet and carried her a few feet into another room that had an old desk. He laid her gently onto it and
began removing his shirt. Buffy watched the muscles of his chest and arms. They rippled as he unbuttoned his leather pants and he stepped out of them. Spike stood up and paused, letting Buffy's gaze wash over him.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes." Buffy said calmly.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"I'm not going to do anything unless you tell me too."

"Spike..I..." Buffy stammered. "I want you."

"You want me to what?"

"I want you to do it all to me." Buffy said. "Anything."

Faith was oblivious to the fact that Buffy had gone. She continued to lose herself in the arms of Trick. Every time with him was just better and better. She orgasmed for the third time and clutched him
close as he too orgasmed, and yelled out. She was still pinned to the wall when she finally realized that Buffy wasn't watching. "Where in the hell is she?"

"You know Spike." Trick said and smiled. "He'll get in her pants and then we can set this whole thing in motion."

Faith smiled and said, "With that bitch gone I'll be the only Slayer and it's a whole different ballgame."

"Yes, a Slayer on OUR side." Trick kissed her passionately and lowered her gently to her feet.

"Where is Dru?" Faith pulled her skirt on.

"She's resting. The travels have worn her so." The vampire shook his head and pulled his pants up.

"I can't wait to see her." The raven haired Slayer said with a grin.

"I just realized that the resemblance between you and Dru  is remarkable." Trick pushed Faith's hair back.

"All us gypsies look the same." Faith smiled and kissed him.

Buffy couldn't believe that she was here, about to be ravaged by Spike. Her body was responding to him and he hadn't even touched her yet. When he finally did she whimpered and flinched as though she had been burned. His hands were so cold. So much like Angel's. But this wasn't Angel..this was Spike. The same Spike who had tried to kill her. He began kissing at her knees and she closed her eyes. His tongue traced a path all the way up and he paused between her legs. She sat up then and tried to push him away. Angel hadn't done this.

"Buffy, stoppit!" Spike grabbed her hands and kissed her. "Let me do it."

"No." Buffy shook her head. "I can't do this."

"It's a little late for can't do this." Spike pointed at his painfully swollen erection. "We can pleasure you and do it nicely or we can skip all that good for you fun and go straight to me showing you why
you shouldn't let yourself be fucked without being primed."

"But..." Buffy looked at him closely. "Don't bite me."

"I'll get my fill without biting you." He smiled and pushed her back down. It had been a long time since he had been with a mortal. She was so warm that he was like a hungry kitten lapping away at milk. Her hands found their way into his hair and he could tell by the way she reacted that she hadn't been the recipient of good head before. She was stiff and he used his hands to run up and down her delicate curves, soothing her. Soon, she relaxed and began to gyrate into his face. Mere minutes after she relaxed, the first orgasm shook her slim frame and she rocked upward, wetting him with her juices.

He stood up and watched her face. She had her eyes tightly closed and her arms were limp at her sides. He grabbed her legs and slid her to the edge of the desk. Her legs ran up the length of his body and he clutched her thighs, slowly entering her. She bit back the urge to cry out as the pain coursed through her. He was so big. Her hands found the edge of the desk and she held on. Spike knew that he was hurting her. Hell, he'd been banging Dru for two hundred years and she still complained that he was too big. He liked hurting her. He drew back and slammed into her hard and she cried out. Spike smiled.

Buffy arched her chest upward and Spike let go of one leg and began to massage her chest, never slowing his pace. He growled out as she clamped down on him and he almost lost it. "Not yet." He stopped and leaned over her so he could kiss her breasts.  Buffy kept moving her hips and he yanked her off the desk and moved to the floor. "You don't want to stop, eh?"

"Please don't stop." Buffy croaked. "Spike.."

Spike threw her legs over his shoulders and began to pump into her furiously. "Touch yourself." He growled. Buffy complied and put her hand between her legs. Spike could feel her manipulating herself and he came hard, yelling her name. He went up to his knees and pulled her against him, staying inside of her. She could feel herself about to orgasm again and bucked upward. Spike smiled as he felt her come against him.

"Buffy?" Faith called and appeared in the doorway.

Spike leaned close to Buffy and whispered. "I'll make sure to let Angel know he didn't teach you well."

Buffy was too weak to move. She watched as he pulled his pants on and walked past Faith. She closed her eyes and began to cry. What had she just done? And why did men tell her she was bad in bed? She still had her eyes closed when Faith threw her clothes at her.

"Get dressed. We either have to kill these guys..or let them.." She paused as she heard the muffled screams from the other room. "Never mind."

Buffy stood up and yanked the overalls on and rushed to the door. She gasped as she saw that Spike and Trick had left the men hanging there..with their throats torn out. "Oh my God. We just got them

"No great loss." Faith shrugged. "So, how was it?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Buffy yanked her shirt on and grabbed her sneakers. She didn't bother to put them on as she ran from the warehouse toward her house.

Faith glanced up into the rafters of the warehouse and waved at the vampire who had been there for the entire thing. She held up her hands as if to ask, "Well?" The vampire held up the video camera and
gave her a thumbs up. Faith practically skipped to her cheap motel room.


Buffy would have run to school, but the pain between her legs from her night of passion with Spike prevented any sudden movements. She trudged slowly, the weight of the world on her shoulders. The first bell had already rung and she slipped down the empty hallway and entered the library slowly. Not seeing Giles, Buffy plopped her books on the table and walked up the low stairs that led to the stacks. She found him engrossed in a book. "Boo."

"Ahhh." Giles jumped and dropped his book. "Dammit, Buffy. Why aren't you in class?"

"Why would I be?" Buffy asked smugly. "First period is gym."

"Yes, well. Any exercise is always beneficial." Giles scooped up the book he had dropped and motioned to it. "I was reading up on Angel's curse."

Buffy creased her forehead. "I thought there were no books about it."

"Well, there are no books of the actual magic's but I have found something interesting in a new book here from a colleague in Romania. It's about souls." The Watcher ushered Buffy down the stairs and into
his office. He shut the door and motioned for her to take a seat.

Buffy complied and glanced up at him. "Is something wrong?"

"I visited with Angel a few days ago. He doesn't remember being Angelus. He has no recollection of any of the events that led up to it. He remembers us, he remembers that he is in love with you. But his soul
is lacking all the things that made him Angel. He has no memory of anything after the two of you had sex." Giles took off his glasses. "I think I know why."

"And why is that?" For once, he had her attention.

"Well, when Willow did the spell..she called his soul back from the ether." Giles looked at her intently.

"And that is supposed to tell me something?" Buffy shrugged. "Speak english. Use small words."

"Willow pulled a soul back from the ether. A random soul. Angel's soul wasn't in the ether. His soul is with you." Giles stood up and grabbed a book and showed it to her. "Look, it says clearly here

"Wait!" Buffy closed the book. "You tell me what it means."

"I will have to be graphic."

"Be graphic."

"The night that you and, he lost his soul due to a moment of pure happiness. When the soul escaped him it went into the nearest living thing to seek comfort. It incubates there." Giles looked at her but seeing her blank face he continued. "Basically, if I am reading this right, you could have given his soul back to him all along just by with him again."

Buffy was too stunned to speak, but finally did. "All I had to do, all this time, was fuck him?"

"Relate." Giles reddened at her choice of words. "The soul would have gone back into him. His soul. Right now, the reason he seems so different is because it isn't the soul of Angel inside of him. It's the
soul of someone else."

"But he KNOWS us all Giles. He remembers US." Buffy shook her head.

"He remembers us because we are in his brain, Buffy. He doesn't remember what feelings he had. He doesn't remember what it was like to kill all of those people. His soul isn't HIS. He soul isn't damned to
suffer anymore. It's NOT him." Giles sat behind his desk. "There's more."

"What more?" Buffy felt ready to cry.

"The spell was accurate to the one that was placed on him so long ago, except,..." He sighed loudly. "He can lose this one because it was never his to begin with. And I don't know what can do it."

"He can turn back into Angelus?" Buffy asked.

"This soul isn't his. He can't keep it indefinitely and I don't know what may set it off." Giles cleared his throat. "You do know where this is going don't you?"

"No." Buffy shook her head.

"Have you and Angel had relations? Since he was freed?" Giles blushed again.

"NOO!" Buffy reddened herself.

"Well need to."

"Relate?" Buffy asked.

"Fuck." Giles replied. "I think that may force the wrong soul out and put the right soul in."

"But what if the soul isn't still with me?" Buffy wondered.

Giles chuckled. "The only way you'd lose it would be if you had sex with someone without a soul and Angel's soul went into them."

Buffy began to choke. "WHAT!?"

"Well, if you had sex with say, another vampire, and orgasmed..that vampire would wind up walking around with Angel's feelings of guilt and remorse. And love for you."

Faith left the video store smiling. The crooked little man had only charged her $150.00 to make ten copies of the tape. Trick had given her $500.00 to get the job done. She felt a shopping spree coming on. She'd need a black dress to wear to Buffy's self made funeral. She glanced at the list of people who were to receive the tape. Joyce, Giles, Willow, Xander, the school library, Principal Snyder and Angel. The extra copies were for Spike and his gang.

Spike was sick. He had never felt sicker. He doubled up in pain and leaned against the walls of the abandoned warehouse that Trick had designed for them. Sitting all the way in the floor, Spike was overcome with emotion. He needed to find Buffy. He had to find her and let her know that their night together was wonderful and that he loved her. He had to do it soon.

Somehow, Buffy made it through the day. She couldn't begin to relay what she had been taught in class, she didn't remember eating lunch but the nauseous feeling she had was a direct result of it, and
she had no idea what she was going to do. Willow had commented that Buffy seemed distracted and Xander had made his usual jokes but Buffy didn't crack a smile. She was so positively relieved that when the final bell rang  she skipped her locker, not caring about homework and made a beeline out the door.

Home couldn't get there fast enough. With no books or anything to hamper her, Buffy jogged the entire way, feeling some of the stress relieve with the exertion. She figured it may also alleviate the soreness that still protested every time she crossed her legs.  She was out of breath as she slammed the front door and headed up the stairs.

"BUFFY ANNE SUMMERS!!!" Her mom shouted at her.

"Uh oh." Buffy knew that tone. She hopped off the stairs and walked slowly into the living room. Her mom was seated on the sofa with her head clutched in her hands, crying.

"Mom, what happened? Is it dad?" Buffy dropped to her knees in front of her.

Joyce grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and screamed, "How could you do this, Buffy? Where did I go wrong raising you? I accepted this Slayer business but...but.."

"But what, Mom, what did I do?"

"Apparently there is nothing you DIDN'T do."

Joyce grabbed the television remote and Buffy heard her own voice coming from the t.v.. She turned to see herself sprawled naked across the desk in the warehouse and she was saying, "I want you to do it all to me."

"Oh my GOD!" Buffy yelled and jumped up. She couldn't believe this.

"God? I think you call him Spike further into it. He's a vampire, Buffy. I remember him!" Joyce began to cry again. "Porno, Buffy? Did you do it for money?"

"NO! I didn't know they were taping it." Buffy grabbed the remote and ejected the tape.

"They?! There was more than one?" Joyce put her hand on her forehead. "I feel faint. I've raised a voyeur."

"Who brought this?" Buffy cried and checked the tape for a label. Written across the front of it were the words 'A Slayer Who's A Player'.

"It was left in the mailbox." Joyce stood up and opened the liquor cabinet. "I need a drink and a shrink. I'm going to be committed."

"Was there a note?" Buffy looked for any wrappings and saw that there was a manilla envelope on the floor. She grabbed it and caught the note that fell out. Joyce was still mumbling and Buffy walked into the kitchen to read it. It read: Slayer, looks like you've been caught on tape. Smile, Candid Camera. By now your mom, watcher, friends and boyfriend have received their copy. Spike says stick with him and he'll make you a star. You wanted to do everything and ANYTHING goes. Congrats on ruining your life.

Buffy slipped out the door quietly and ran back toward the library.

Giles sipped his coffee as he leafed through the library mail. He was expecting a book about Demon Manifestations of European Ruins and he was beside himself with eagerness. He filed away several other books and sighed when he realized it wasn't there.  Picking up what was left of the mail, he gasped as he saw that one of the envelopes had been addressed to Watcher Giles c/o Hellmouth. He ripped it open and raised an eyebrow at the video tape. That was odd. No one that knew him to be a Watcher would send a tape. He shrugged at the title; 'A Slayer Who's A Player' and slid it into the VCR.

Buffy was out of breath by the time she got back to the school. She yanked open the doors, thankful she had on sneakers. Her mind raced as fast as her feet and Buffy prayed that she would beat the tape to Giles. She was almost there when Principal Snyder stepped out in her path. She was on top of him before she could put the brakes on and both of them toppled to the ground.

Snyder grabbed her by the arms and yanked her up. "Are you trying to assault me now?"

"No." Buffy shook his arms off and started past him.

"You keep your nose clean, Summers. I'm watching you." He walked away talking about Rosemary's Baby and bad seeds.

Snyder apparently hadn't seen the tape. Or maybe it was all a bluff. She couldn't be too careful. She walked into the library and immediately noticed that the television and VCR were pulled out and
plugged in. "Oh no." Buffy felt faint herself and leaned against the doors.

Giles heard her. He could hear her breathing and he got up from his desk and walked into the main room. He looked at her, leaning back against the doors with her hands on her knees and for the first time ever, he was repulsed by the sight of her.  He wanted to say so much to her, scream at her, but instead he walked slowly toward her. When she looked up, he back handed her and she fell against the check out desk.

"Giles," Buffy cried and struggled to her feet. "I can explain."

"EXPLAIN!?" Giles screamed. He grabbed the tape from the VCR and threw it at her. It hit the wall. Even in anger his aim sucked. "How in the HELL can you explain this ...this..perversion?"

Buffy was crying now. Her face stinging from his blow. "I don't know why I did it."

"That's your explanation?" The Watcher, normally docile, was so angry and disappointed he actually wanted to choke her. "You and Spike? Spike!!"

"I know it's awful, Giles, but we have a bigger problem." she sniffled.

"I KNOW THAT!" He yelled. "You think I don't know that!? Why didn't you tell me about this transgression today when I explained about the soul issue?"

"I was mortified."

"Well, now look what you've done!! You lied to me about Angel even being back, kept it a secret, thinking you could do it all alone, and now THIS!" Giles stomped across the floor and slapped her again. This time she didn't attempt to stand back up. "You aren't a Slayer at all, Buffy. You're a disgrace."

Buffy was not immune to pain but the physical pain was squelched by his words. "Giles.."

"You have to tell me the truth. I'm responsible for your life. Do you know how easily he could have drained you? Murdered you in your vulnerable state?" Giles demanded but Buffy didn't answer, she just sat in the floor sobbing. Giles paced back and forth. "Get up." He said finally. "If I have this tape it's a safe bet that Angel does too. This news will devastate him and he's already a basket case."

She stood up and looked at her Watcher. "I'm sorry."

"It's a little late for I'm Sorry, isn't it? You've probably killed the man you love again. Ruined him." Giles dismissed her with a brush of his hand and left the room.

Angel was sleeping soundly when she unlocked his door and poked her head in. Taking a tentative step inside, her foot hit the package that had been slipped through his small mail slot. Relief flooded her and she was about to leave when he spoke up. "Mail theft?"

Buffy jumped and put the tape behind her back. Angel was out of bed and was walking toward her. "It came here by mistake."

"From you?" He smiled. "What is it?"

"It's nothing really. Go back to bed and I'll see you tonight."

She was almost out the door when he caught her and pulled her into his arms. His kiss was tentative, unsure of whether or not this was okay. She deepened the kiss, clinging to him. Buffy was fully aware that she was holding the key to their future. Since he had come back, Angel was changed, easily angered and quick to fly off the handle.  He became agitated when he heard anyone mention Scott and didn't understand why Buffy had been dating. Her heart was pounding. For as much as he disliked Scott, he hated Spike.

"What's wrong?" He asked when she pulled back.

"I have to go." She looked up at him.

"Go?" He grinned and grabbed the package from behind her. "I took your package so you HAVE to stay."

"Angel..." She reached for it but he held it high over his head.

He glanced at it and looked puzzled. "Spike and Buffy: Exposed?"

"Give it to me." Buffy made another attempt. "Please?"

"What's on this?" His voice sounded deeper than usual. "It's a tape."

"Nothing. Angel, please?" Buffy pleaded.

Instead of giving it to her he tore it open and walked toward his VCR. Buffy followed him trying to grab it but he caught her arms. "Quit it. Is this a tape of you and Spike fighting?"

"No. God, please Angel..just trust me on this and give it back."

Angel blocked her from the VCR and pressed play. He had both of her wrists in one of his hands and was staring at the screen. Buffy struggled as the tape began to play. She watched herself being carried by Spike and gently laid on the desk. Spike undressed and then she was telling him to do it all to her. She felt like she was outside of herself watching and that this was all a nightmare. Angel's grip tightened on her wrists and Buffy cried out in pain. He noticed her then and shoved her away from him.

She knew better than to approach him. He was staring at her like he was about to rip her throat out. "Angel...."

He shook his head and pointed at the door. "Get out."

"Angel, no. I need to tell you what happened."

"I see what happened." He growled. The tape was now showing Spike pounding away on her and her clinging to him. "I said get out."

Buffy took a few steps toward him and he grabbed her around the waist. She tried to wrap her arms around him as he stomped toward the door but he untangled her and threw her down right outside the door. "ANGEL PLEASE??" She cried as he slammed it in her face. Pounding her fists against it for several seconds got her nowhere. Buffy curled into a fetal position and sobbed loudly.

Spike had gone underground through the sewer to Angel's house. He needed to speak with him about a few things and then kill him for all the HELL he had put that Slayer through. He pushed up through a storm drain and glanced down the alleyway. Seeing that the sun hadn't yet set, he climbed out and leaped across the narrow ally and into the building that Angel's apartment was in. He hated close calls with sunlight. He heard the sobbing the second he entered the building. He rushed down the stairs, fully expecting to find a macabre scene and instead he found Buffy, lying on her side, begging Angel to let her in. Sobs were choking the girl and she was a mess. Spike bent down and pulled her to his chest.

"'s all right, pet."

Buffy, not realizing who it was and too much in shock to care, wrapped her arms around him and collapsed. Spike cradled her in his arms and took her up the stairs. He stood with her in the shadows until the sun went behind a few thunderclouds, then, still holding her, he dropped back into the sewer.

Giles called Angel's house and let it ring twelve times before he hung up. This wasn't a good sign. He grabbed his jacket from his office, shoved a few slaying tools in a bag, just in case and headed toward the door. In the hallway he bumped into Faith.

"What's the rush, Rupe?" she asked, pointing at his bag. "Sun's still up. No blood suckers out yet."

"I'm afraid Buffy may be in trouble."

"Trouble? Not Buffy. She's great." Faith smiled. "I'm free. I'll come with you."

"That's very kind, Faith. I don't want to trouble you." He started past her.

She stopped him and looked at him intently. "If Buffy IS in trouble. I need to be there. We're like sisters or something."

Giles nodded. And walked ahead of her.

Faith patted her backpack to make sure the pistol was still in place.

Buffy awoke a short time later. Exhaustion had apparently set in and she had cried herself to sleep. She rolled over and glanced at her surroundings. She was lying in a big bed with a feather filled mattress. It was so soft she was sinking into it despite her lack of weight. The room was lit by random candles and it smelled like cinnamon. Buffy sat up and glanced around.
"Good, you're awake." A voice said from the corner. Spike stood up and walked into the light. "I was worried."
"Where are we?"
"My haven, if you will. Drusilla can grate on anyone's nerves. I come here a lot." He took a step closer and looked at Buffy closely. "Do you want to tell me what happened?"
"You know what happened." Buffy snapped and stood up. She was astounded to find herself naked and leaped back under the black satin comforter. "Where are my clothes!?"
"I washed them. I had to bring you here through the sewer system. It was awful. It started to rain and well, we got soaked. I minded the labels on your clothing. Hand washed and all that."
Buffy narrowed her eyes at him. "Why are you being so nice?"
"I love you." He shrugged.
Buffy gasped as the realization sank in that this was Angel's soul wearing Spike's body.

Giles reached Angel's apartment with Faith in tow. He pounded on the door for a few minutes before Angel opened it. Giles could tell that something was wrong. He was smoking a cigarette and had a half smile on his face.
"Angel.." Giles began but Angel held up a hand.
"Do you know what that whore did?" He blew the smoke in Giles face and shook his head. "That little cunt that you're in charge of FUCKED Spike. I've been watching it. Her technique has improved and she's a little more vocal but overall..still too virginal. So, are you banging her too?"
Giles was taken aback. "Good lord, Angel."
"I prefer Angelus. And I'm hungry." Angel reached out and grabbed Giles and yanked him into his apartment. He pinned him on the bed and lunged at his neck. The Watcher had come prepared, and quickly whipped out a crucifix. He pressed it against Angel's hands and the vampire began to wail, jumping back. "You give Buffy a message old man." Angelus snarled, fully vamped out. "You tell her once again, I thank her for her raging hormones and really enjoyed the show she put on. Or better yet. I'll tell her myself. Odds are she is with her fellow and I can kill two birds with one stone, literally."
Angel paused at the door and looked at Faith. "Who are you?"
"Faith." she whispered and looked at Giles. "THE Faith."
"And that is supposed to mean something to me?"
"I'm a Slayer."
"I don't like Slayers." Angel grabbed Faith and slammed her into the wall, stunning her.
Giles jumped up and stepped in between Faith and Angel. "I'll kill you." He said, matter of factly.
Angel snarled again and rushed out into the night. "My God. No wonder Buffy was so tore up. That man is FINE!"
"Angel's looks are not essential here, Faith. You DO realize what has happened don't you?"
"No." Faith shoved a piece of candy in her mouth. "Sorry, he made me all dry mouthed. What happened?'
"Spike. Spike now has a soul and may have Buffy. And Angel will kill them both."
"Spike has a soul?" Faith gulped and choked on her candy.  "Oh shit."

"Come along." Giles muttered and ushered Faith to follow him.

Back at the small building Buffy was staring at Spike. He had moved closer and was sitting on the edge of the bed. She wasn't afraid but her mind was racing to try to remember all the things that Giles had said. Sex took the soul away and sex would give it back. So she gave Angel's soul to Spike last night. He apparently knew he was Spike and was as confused as she was but it wasn't something she knew how to explain. He seemed convinced that loving her was the most natural thing in the world and she knew she was hearing Angel's words.
"Your hands are hurt." Spike whispered and gently took one between both of his hands.
"I don't know how it happened." Buffy pulled her hand away.
"I think you were beating on Angel's door. You beat your hands to a pulp. Are you in pain?" He asked.
"Are you hungry?" he asked and indicated a bag. "Fast food. Your stomach was rumbling in your sleep so I slipped out."
"I'm okay." Buffy said and glanced at his dashed expression. "But thank you."
"I just want to do right by you, Buffy." The blond vampire shook his head. "I don't know why but I love you and want you to trust me."
Buffy put her hand on his arm and he gazed at her. "It's okay, Spike."
"It doesn't feel okay."
Giles had told her that she'd have to have sex with Angel again to give him back his soul. She wondered if having sex with Spike right now would bring the soul back into her. She couldn't remember whether or not he had told her but it was worth a shot. If a moment of true happiness took it away then she'd have it again and try to seduce Angel. Buffy still had her hand on Spike's arm and rubbed upward towards his chest. "I can make it okay."
Spike took her hand gently and kissed it. "Yes, you can. Tell me you love me, Buffy."
"I love you."
"Say my name."
"I love you, Spike." Buffy cringed. "I want you to make love to me."
Spike trailed his fingertips down her face and ran his thumb across her throat. He slowly leaned across her and kissed her passionately, his body covering hers. She was still under the cover and he was fully clothed but the knowledge of what was to come electrified her. He gently peeled the covers away from her breasts and began to twirl his tongue around each rosy tip until it stood tall. He worked his hands through her hair, massaging into her scalp and neck,never letting his mouth leave her breasts. She gasped as he gently bit down on her nipple. The pain was minor but it sent shock waves straight between her legs. She bucked up against him.
Spike smiled down at her. "You liked that, eh?"
"I love it." Buffy said in a tight voice. "Touch me, Spike."
He sat up on his knees and began unbuttoning his shirt, pausing at every one of the buttons and slowly working them open. Buffy was not into waiting. She sat up and ripped the shirt open, popping off all the buttons and ripping it clean down the back. Spike laughed as her hands found his belt buckle. She had it off in a flash and was already urging his pants off his hips.
"Slow down, luv." Spike hissed. Buffy stopped and lay back. Pretending to pout, she crossed her arms. Spike laughed out loud and bent to kiss her. "You're beautiful when you pout."
Buffy quickly wrapped herself around him and flipped him onto his back. The covers were a tangled mess and Buffy yanked herself free of them. "We do it MY way." she said. His pants were half off of his hips and she stood up on the bed to help yank them free. Both were shed now of every bodily adornment, and she looked down at him, marveling at his beautiful body. His stomach rippled like a washboard all the way to the apex of curls that began just below his navel and formed a line pointing
lower.  She kneeled at his knees and kissed his stomach. Flicking her tongue into his belly button and running her hands along his hips. His body was tight and toned and was turning her on so much it hurt.
When she wrapped her mouth around his cold, hard cock, Spike thought he'd faint. He had never received oral pleasure from anyone other than Dru and her mouth was as cold as ice. Buffy's was warm and inviting and she certainly knew how to use it. She swallowed him into her, holding him there until he thought he'd die. His body jumped and spasmed as she cupped him with one hand and began to pump furiously. He caught her head just in time, one more stroke would have done him in, and pulled her to his chest, kissing her deeply.
He urged her to her knees and then lifted her, placing her over his face. Buffy's hands found the headboard and she held on tight as she felt his tongue begin to play into her inner fold. Gasping at the way his tongue jolted her with each flick, she began to grind downward, wanting so much. Her hips made circles and she threw her head back, crying out. Spike grabbed her hips, thankful he didn't need to breathe because she would have suffocated anyone who had too, and pushed his face upward. She began to scream as her body jerked and one orgasm after another rocked her. She collapsed forward,her head resting on the headboard.
Spike lifted her again, like she weighed nothing and lowered her onto his dick. She cried out in pain and looked deeply into his eyes. He didn't force her to move at all, knowing how small she was. He put his hands behind his head and watched her. She was unsure of what to do and that was turning him on as much as it was tickling him.
Buffy was still reeling from orgasming multiple times and she felt weak all over. The feel of him inside of her almost sent her into another fit of orgasm and she began to rock. Slowly at first, watching his face in the candle light to see how he reacted. She dug her palms into his chest and began to bounce higher. Soon, the pain of his size was replaced with the need for more and more and she was on the verge of flying. Spike grabbed her hips and began guiding her. Up and down and up and down until he slammed his head into the pillow and heard his own cries mingling with hers.

Angelus stood in the doorway, watching. His own dick was threatening to rip out of his pants on it's own and take this Slayer. The video hadn't done her justice. The bitch was good. He stepped into the room and clapped loudly. "Bravo."
Buffy jumped off of Spike and turned around. "Angel?"

"No." Angelus smiled. "Once again, your boyfriend is dead. I'm back."

Spike began to spasm on the bed and then sat up and looked around. "What in the FUCK is going on around here? YOU?" He pointed at Buffy. "Get your bloody ass out of my bed."
Buffy looked from one vampire to the other knowing that the only person with any soul in that room was her...and she had two.

The look on Angelus's face as he walked further into the room chilled Buffy. For the first time since the Master, Buffy KNEW she was going to die. Every fiber of her being was shouting at her to fight, but seeing that Angel was gone again and knowing that the videotape was circulating, prevented her from caring at that moment. She stayed glued to the bed, still coming down from the high of fucking Spike and unable to control the constricting between her legs.
Angel shut the door and glared at her. "Get up."
"Yeah," Spike said and shoved her out of the bed. "Get up."
Buffy hit the floor with a groan at Angel's feet and looked up at him. "Angel...I...please..."
"What?" He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. "You want to say something, slut?"
She grabbed his hands as he lifted her off her feet by her hair, crying out. "Let me go."
"Okay." Angel dropped her back to the floor and stood over her. Her head connected with a night table and she saw stars. "I like you better down there. Beg me not to kill you, Buffy."
"No." she replied, dizzy. "Kill me if you want too."
Angel replied with a slight kick that toppled her over. Spike, still in bed, laughed at them. "As appealing as this weird mating dance is, I have to leave before I puke. I *fucked* a Slayer. I'm ill."
"Ill?" Angel glared at him. "Why did you do it?"
"She raped me. She put some sort of Slayer mojo on me. By the way, welcome back." The blond vampire jumped out of bed and began to gather his clothes but Angelus stopped him.
"Spike, my boy. You did a bad thing and unless you want me to announce this to Dru you aren't going anywhere.  Help me tie her up." Angel took off his belt and handed it to Spike. "I saw YOU on the tape. Dru can too."
It dawned on Buffy that they planned on double teaming her and she struggled up to fight them off. She realized too late that she was still weak from good sex and the blow to the head and she was was quickly overpowered. They tied her hands to one of the four posts on the bed and left her standing. Buffy looked at Angel hard and decided that if he was going to kill her anyway, she would not give him the satisfaction of reacting to ANYTHING he did to her.
"She's a Slayer, Spike." Angel beamed from ear to ear. "Do you remember our last Slayer?"
"She didn't last long." Spike yawned. "Is this going to take long, mate?"
"Yes." Angel ran his hand up Buffy's thigh and then grabbed her around the neck, choking her. "Unless I kill her right now."
Buffy began to struggle, unable to push his hands away and breathe. Coughing and sputtering, she began to black out when he let go. Spike had shoved him away.  "If you kill her now you'll be fucking a corpse and you got enough of that with Dru."
"You're a pussy!" Angelus shouted and kicked Spike hard in the naked ass. "You sit down and shut the fuck up. YOU had your fun. Twice. And it better not have happened more than that!"
"What if it did?" Buffy sneered.
Spike thought, as he rubbed his ass.
Angel bent to the floor and grabbed Spike's belt out of the heap. He sent it flying through the air, letting it land on Buffy's ass. He smiled as she screamed out and bucked her hips forward, toward the bedpost. Then he got furious again, remembering what she had just said. "How many times did it happen."
"Screw you." Buffy said, refusing to cry.
"What? What did you say to me?"
"I said screw you... you limp dicked, cold as hell, dead fucking lay." Buffy turned to look at him. "I'd get more fun with a Q-tip. You give new meaning to the term needle dick."
Angel screamed out in frustration and hit her with the belt. Each blow hit high on her back and she was on her knees, crying by the time he finished. "Get up." He said.
"No." Buffy whispered. The belt flew again, and she screamed in pain.

"I said get up."
"I said no."
Angel used his open hand to slap her across the nasty welts he had left. "Get your bleached blond ass up right now or I'll kill you."
Spike watched as he drew the belt back again and leaped in between them. "Goddamit, Buffy! Get your ass up."
Buffy trembled behind him as she got to her feet. She kept her head down, refusing to let Angel see her crying. Angel backhanded Spike, and yelled. "What?! Have you gone soft on me?" He glanced down at Spike's manhood. "Never mind."
"Even soft he'd be better than you." Buffy mumbled.
Spike chuckled at her bravery and said, "That's what Dru always says."
Angel roared with rage and then walked up close to Spike. "You are always going to be second best. You will ALWAYS have my sloppy seconds."

Spike smiled at him. "And I don't mind, mate. I always like to be told I'm better than you."
"I AM YOUR SIRE AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!" Angel swung the belt at Spike.
"Whatever you say, Cartman." Spike laughed as he caught the belt in mid swing. "Thank GOD my sexual experience was before you sired me and I didn't have to count on YOU to teach me THAT."
Buffy perked up and looked at Spike. "You watch South Park?"
He nodded. "You?"
Buffy nodded back and Angel screamed in rage. "PEOPLE!!! Have we forgotten here that I am holding a belt and am going to kill my slutty ex-girlfriend?"
"A belt." Spike said. "What a manly weapon. Suits you."
Angel leveled Spike with an icy glare. "Spike."
"Don't fuck with me." Angel took a step closer to Spike. "You don't want to dig further into my shit list right now. You're pissing me off."

"Am I? Well, I guess I should be good then, eh? Wouldn't want to get all shitty." Spike looked at the Slayer. She seemed to have recovered somewhat and that was good. He almost liked the little twit. She was nothing if not amusing.
Angel turned his attention away from Spike and ran the belt up Buffy's back. She tensed up and closed her eyes, expecting a blow that would take her breath away. Instead he backed up and looked at her. He ran his fingers under his chin as if he were in deep thought. Buffy opened one eye and watched him. She moved a little and winced in pain. "Be still." he warned. "I'm going to draw you. I want to give it to
Giles' to add to his collection of lost lovers."
"Giles is not my lover." Buffy snapped.
"What?" Angel looked shocked. "You mean to tell me there is someone you WON'T fuck?"
Buffy narrowed her eyes and then smiled. "Spike is more than enough."

This time Spike did laugh out loud. Angel glared at him and pointed, saying nothing, just pointing. Spike quelled the chuckles and said, "Bravo, Slayer. I must confess, you HAD to have been a rodeo queen in a former life. You sure can ride."
Angel rolled his eyes and then stomped his foot. "Where's the respect? I am ANGELUS. I demand respect."
"You should demand a penis pump." Buffy said sweetly. "That's just my opinion. I bet if you showed THAT to them," she pointed at his crotch. "They'd give it to you free."
Angel said nothing. He clenched his jaw and every vein in his neck stood out. He slowly walked toward Buffy and back handed her. Her head rocked backwards and then rolled back to the front. "Beg me not to kill you, Buffy."
Buffy tried to pop her jaw to stop the pain. It felt out of place. He was nose to nose with her. "If I beg you, it will be for you to get breath mints." she slurred.
"I'm gonna break you, Buffy. I will."
"Delusions must be part of losing a soul." Buffy was still trying to pop her jaw when Angelus slapped the other side of her face. She heard a popping realized that he had put it back in place. "Oh..thank you."
Buffy watched as he furiously began to punch the wall.

Giles was scared. He and Faith had trailed Angelus toward an old railroad station and then lost him. The Watcher was well aware that every moment was critical and he kept hurrying Faith along. She had been unusually quiet and Giles chalked it up to concern for Buffy. He motioned her to stay behind him as he poked his head around the doorway of the station.
Faith stood back a few feet and watched Giles looking into the warehouse. It was now or never. She brought the gun out of her bag and pointed it at him. Cocking the hammer she pulled the trigger but not before a pair of hands appeared out of nowhere and shoved the gun into the air, knocking it out of Faith's hands and sending her into the ground. Faith was too shocked to move. "WHAT THE FUCK?"
Giles had dropped to his knees when the gun fired. He crawled around to look at Faith, thinking she was dead. What he saw shocked him. Faith was on the ground standing under Joyce Summers. Joyce turned to look at Giles. "She was about to shoot you."
Taking in the scene, Giles realized that Joyce was wearing a short dress and from his current position he could see up it. "Yes."
"YES?" Joyce asked loudly. "Yes it's okay that she was going to shoot you?" Faith started to sit up but Joyce glared at her. "Don't you move dammit."
Giles jumped up and glared at Faith. "I suspected it." he lied, trying to appear like he wasn't in the dark.
"And that's why you turn your back."
"Well, I didn't expect she'd have a gun."
"YOU are my daughters watcher?" Joyce was amazed. "And you call her careless?"
Faith watched the argument and exhaled loudly. "Are you gonna kill my sorry ass or what?"
Giles looked down at her. "Get up."
When she was on her feet, Giles pulled a bit of rope out of his bag and tied her hands. The only thing that prevented her from fighting was Joyce, who had retrieved the gun and was glaring at her.
Giles finished tying her up and glanced at Joyce. "This you is quite fascinating."

Spike was bored as he watched Angelus poking the Slayer with a needle. He kept making comments regarding her saying he had a needle dick. "Did it hurt like this?" He asked as he poked it into her back.
"No." Buffy grunted. "I didn't even feel it when we fucked so it must be less than a needle dick."
Angelus continued poking her until she bled from what looked like hundreds of little wounds and then he ran his tongue along the blood drops. " that's what I call sweet."
Spike was hungry now. "Uhm, Angel, should I run out and grab us some dinner or no?"
"You want dinner?" Angel stood up from where he had been crouched beside Buffy. "Eat her."
"Bite her?" Spike figured he would be doing her a favor if he fed on her. "Okay."
"Don't bite her. Eat her." Angel untied Buffy's hands and retied them on the headboard with her on her back. He slapped her hard across the face and whispered. "If you come, you die."
Spike licked his lips, remembering the warmth of this Slayer. Angel grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved his face between Buffy's legs. "Do NOT get her off. You get her almost there and then you stop. Do you hear me?"
"I hear you." Spike glanced at Buffy and smiled. "Of course, she does so enjoy this."
"Shut up, Spike." Angel glared at the two figures on the bed, then relaxed and watched.
Spike smoothed the flesh of her stomach with his hands. It was cold in the room and she had chill bumps all over her. He kissed her delicately on the belly button and then lowered his lips to her groin.
She squirmed a little as his tongue traced a delicate circle around her outer lips and then plunged deep within her. He nipped her swollen nub with his teeth and then sucked on the thin trickle of blood that escaped. Buffy moaned out at the pain his fang had drawn. She bucked upward into his face wishing she could pull his head away.
"FUCK!" Angel growled and yanked Spike off of her. "I said don't get her off. That's my job."
"You're fired." Buffy said in even tones. She figured if she could make Angelus get her off, the soul would go into him.  Giles said she had to orgasm. That meant she'd have to enjoy it. "You can't do me half as good."
"Grrrrr..." Angel shoved Spike off to the side and took the vacant spot between her legs.
He stabbed two fingers into her and she cried out. He picked up where Spike had left off.  Buffy was shocked at how gentle he had become. His hand, that had been so cruel, was gently stroking her inside and his mouth was playfully nipping and tugging. She closed her eyes, hoping she could relax enough to come. He stopped and looked up at her. "Talk to me, tell me I'm good."
Buffy grunted. "You're okay."
He reached under her and squeezed her ass, hard, right on one of the many bruises. "Talk to me and fucking mean it."
Spike came into view and looked at her. She was looking him in the eye when she said. "You're the best fuck I could ever want."
Spike smiled and mouthed, 'You too.'
Buffy smiled a little and whispered. " make me so hot."
Angelus increased his pace and Buffy could feel herself on the verge.

Then he stopped.
"Don't stop." She cried.
"Don't stop?" Angelus asked.
"No, please...don't stop." Buffy lifted her hips upward.
"Do you want to come?" He asked.
"Yes, please. Help me come."
"Beg me not to kill you, Buffy." He sat up and brought his face within inches of hers. One hand remained between her legs. "Beg me."
Angel picked up the pace again and she almost came but he stopped. "BEG!"
"Please make me come." She cried.
"BEG ME NOT TO KILL YOU!" He started again, his thumb twirling her clit while his fingers played in and out.
"Why don't you shut the hell up and FUCK me?!" Buffy yelled.
Angel stood up and began to take his clothes off. "You want to be fucked by a..what was it..limp dicked, ice cold, dead fuck?"
"Beggars can't be choosers." Buffy was breathing hard and her arousal was very evident. Her nipples were fully erect and a pool flowed from between her legs. She was amazed that she could be turned on at a time like this. She watched as Angel removed his pants and realized why she was so hot. He was beautiful and right across the room was another beauty. Her eyes flicked back and forth from one to the other.
"Should I go first?" Spike asked, his cock was so swollen it hurt.
"NO!" Buffy yelled. Both vampires stared at her. "I just mean, Angel was so quick to brag. Let's see if he has what it takes to finish."
Spike looked dejected and Buffy almost felt bad. Almost. She had a mission here. Angelus walked toward her, toying with himself. He was large. She had been completely wrong when she said that it was small and she hadn't felt it. Her eyes darted from his dick to Spike's dick. Angel was actually a little smaller but not enough to matter. Angel saw her looking at Spike. "LOOK AT ME!"
Buffy looked at him as he crawled between her legs. She flashed back to the night they had shared.  'Buffy, I don't want to hurt you.' he had whispered. 'The first time always hurts.' she had replied and tugged him forward. He had been slow and gentle, making sure he used lubrication and asking her several times if she was okay.
Now the demon in his body was in control and he plunged into her, taking her breath. He put both his hands under hip hips and dragged her upward to meet his blows. His hips were like lead as he barreled into her. Over and over, making her head hit the headboard every time, he launched himself into her. She was not enjoying it. "Angel, please...." she whined. "make me come."
"Shut up." He said and slapped her across the face. "You'll come when I say come and you won't be coming until you beg."
"I am begging."
"Beg me not to kill you. Tell me that you know I could kill you and that I'm strong."
Buffy felt tears welling up in her eyes, defeated.  "Please don't kill me, Angel. Please? You could kill me if you wanted too and I wouldn't blame you."
"More!" Angelus shouted. He lowered his hand between her legs and began to manipulate her swollen core. Stroking back and forth. "More unless you want me to stop."
Buffy was crying now. "Don't kill me. I want to live. I want to do this with you again and again. You're so good, Angel. So good. Please..fuck me and let me live. I'll do whatever you want anytime."
He continued to stroke her and she finally bucked upward screaming his name in orgasmic volumes. He pumped into her for a few more seconds and then lowered his face to her neck, growling with pleasure. Angel morphed and sunk his fangs into her neck.
"Noooooo." She cried, struggling with the belt that had her hands attached to the head board.. "Angel, please."
Spike stepped forward and threw him off of her. "No fair killing the fuck before I've had a go."
"Be my guest, then she dies." Angel was in the floor, leaning against the wall, drained. "Don't take all day. I wanna drain her and then go fuck Dru."
Buffy cringed at the thought of him and Dru. She looked up at Spike who was kneeling between her legs. "I'm sorry." He whispered as he slipped inside her.
She was sore now and tried to pull away but Spike pinned her down, nibbling on her breasts. "Is someone looking for you?" he whispered in her ear as he pumped up and down.
"Your Watcher, anyone?"
"I don't know."
"We can delay him." He continued to rock his hips slowly.
"He's gonna kill me." she began to cry again. "I can't die like this."
"I'm gonna help you." He leaned in close to her and whispered. "I'm gonna do the best I can.
Buffy closed her eyes. Angelus was a dickhead. He was the biggest asshole in the entire world and Spike, even without a soul, seemed more soulful than Angel had EVER been. "Why?" she asked him.
"I like you. You've got spunk, you're brave. And I don't like limp dick over there at all." Spike was still gyrating slowly. "You are hot as hell and since just any fire would kill me, I like dancing in yours."

"You don't have a soul."
"No. Why would I want one?" He began to increase the speed of his thrusts. "It's more interesting this way, yes? Neither of us can explain why we do what we do. And like it."
Buffy was so caught up in the things Spike had said and the feel of his dick that she was oblivious to Angel who had begun to writhe on the floor. He didn't make a sound but he thrashed and tossed, seemingly unable to control himself. His eyes glowed with a bright yellow light and then he collapsed forward. Buffy continued to thrust her hips up to meet Spike.
Spike was close to exploding. He threw his head back and growled.

Angel sat up, confused. He was aware that he was naked. He was aware that something bad had happened. He was aware that Spike was fucking someone.

Spike rocked back and forth, finally screaming a name.  "BUFFY!"

Angel stood up and looked at the bed. He too screamed out "BUFFY!!"

But Buffy screamed,   "Spike!!!"

More coming soon...
  B/S fic