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It was Halloween and Spike should have been feasting instead of driving through the middle of a mass of trick or treaters that were absurdly cute. He had avoided returning to Sunnydale since his misadventures in Los Angeles and he dreaded seeing Harmony. The bitch would probably be a whining pile of wetness when he arrived at their lair and he would be forced to console her or listen to her weeping. Both prospects were equally qrim so he decided to stop off at the park for a nice round tree limb to force through her vein filled chest.

Veins. He wanted to rip someone’s throat out and suck them dry. Not just anyone. The particular someone who had ruined his life so many times he grew nauseated at the thought of her. Nausea apparently wasn’t the only thing he felt when he thought of the Slayer. His erection was pressed against the backside of his zipper causing him massive pain as he parked his car at the back entrance of Weatherly Park. Rolling his eyes, he quickly yanked his dick free, stroking it as he thought of the little twit.

The conversation she had with Parker had been both amusing and infuriating. Spike knew exactly what Parker’s game was and was shocked that the Slayer had been so easily snowballed into bed with him. She had been a sight to behold as her eyes filled with tears and she fought the urge to cry. The pain that was written all over her face had been breathtaking. But Spike didn’t have a breath so he wasn’t distracted by lack of oxygen as he watched her beg and plead for some indication that she was good in bed. Her deliciously curved body underneath her blue shirt and black pants had been distraction enough. He gripped himself tighter as he thought of how well she fought him and how well she was stacked.

Something crashed against his windshield and he jumped all over, jerking his head up from where he had rested it against his steering wheel. Little Red Riding Hood was pinned against the hood of his car by a vampire who was shoving his hand up her skirt. Two more had the girl’s arms, holding her flat. The girl tried to kick the man away but another vampire appeared from the dense forest and gripped one of her legs.

Spike stepped quickly from the car. Feeding off of people and killing them was one thing but to assault a child? He wouldn’t stand for that. He would never admit that he had a soft spot for little children who went around begging for candy once a year although he certainly did. The slamming of his car door pulled the attention to himself and four pairs of yellow eyes turned his way.

“Spike!” The man between the girl’s legs said jovially. “You’re just in time. She looks fresh, huh?”

“Leonard,” Spike nodded at the man, one of his creations a few days before. “She looks fresh all right. And tiny. And four against one isn’t really fair odds. Look at her!”

“She’s half conscious. We beat her with a rock.” Announced a greasy one holding her leg.

“How very creative.” Spike let his demon emerge. “Now listen closely to me. I don’t know what perversion is going through your heads but in MY town, you don’t do this to children. Are you clear on that? I am the master here and…”

One of the vampire’s holding her arm shook his head. “I don’t give a fuck who you are...this here is our kill.”

Leonard shook his head, righted the girl's dress and backed away. “It’s the way it works. He sired me, I have to do what he says.”

“Well I don’t!” Said another.

“Yes you fucking do!” Leonard yelled. “I sired YOU all. Fucking idiots.”

“Oh.” The three vampires looked at one another, realizing that they were bound by their lineage to surrender what was sure to be a treat. Growling, they began to walk back into the woods, mumbling about making their own minions.

Spike stared at Leonard. “Go away. And don’t let me catch you doing this again.”

With a curt nod, the man followed his children, not bothering to tell his sire that his dick was sticking out of his zipper.

When he couldn’t hear them walking anymore, Spike turned toward the little girl who was rising to a sitting position. She was shaking her head back and forth beneath her dainty red cape and Spike moved to push it back so he could check how badly she was injured. “Luv, let me see if you’re okay and then I’ll take you to the hospital. Those men aren’t going to hurt you anymore. I promise.”

Buffy glanced up at him with wide eyes and he shouted, “Bugger all! It’s YOU!”

“Yeah, it’s me. Who are you? What have YOU done with Spike?” She had been conscious for the entire conversation Spike had with his minions. Apart from the dizziness from the blow to her head and the shock over what had just happened, she was fine. Since when did bad ass Spike care who did what to whom? “What happened to you?”

“Not a damn thing.” He growled at her and backed away. “They shouldn’t do that to kids and I thought you were a kid! You’re so fucking little! How about eating a hot meal every now and again?”

Buffy was about to speak up when she noticed his penis sticking through his zipper and yelled, “You were going to finish what they started! You fucking prick!”

Spike glanced down and quickly shoved himself back into his pants. In his haste to zip himself safely inside he pinched his skin into it and howled, hopping around all over the place. “I’m castrated! I’m fucking castrated!”

“Good!” Buffy shouted, hopping off his car. “I hope it rots off.”

“Where are you going?” Spike shouted, limping after her as she blew past him. “I wasn’t going to rape you!”

Buffy spun in her Mary Janes and stalked back toward him. “Why? Because you’ ve heard from too many sources that I’m a bad lay?”

“No.” Spike had crossed his legs tightly in an effort to stop the throbbing there. “Because it’s not my style to force people. I don’t have to force people. I remember how handsome I am! Women want me all the time.”

“Please! If women wanted you all the time you wouldn’t settle for the insane and the desperate like Dru and Harmony.” She swayed dizzily on her feet and brought a hand to the back of her head, connecting with moisture. “Oww.”

“You got hit with a rock.”

“I was there.” She snapped and leaned against a tree to stop the earth from tilting with her again. “If you weren’t going to finish me off then why did you stop them?”

“I told you!” He paced several times back and forth in front of her. “I’m all for good torture and killing but I thought you were a child.”

“Since when do you care?”

“Since when do you know anything about how I feel?”

“Since when do you feel anything at all?”

“Since when…never mind” Spike brushed her off with a wave of his hand. “You’ re fine now. Get lost.”

“What kind of self respecting vampire doesn’t just take what he wants?” She asked, recalling the way his very large dick had been protruding from his painted on jeans. He had clearly been aroused.

“If I wanted you, pet..” ~And so help me, I do~ He thought, “Then I could seduce you faster than you could whip a stake out of your ass. Go on, I know you hide ‘em there.”

“You’re crude!” Buffy wrinkled her nose. “But since you did do something that de-bastardized you for the moment I won’t kill your ass right now. But tomorrow…the truce is…”

“I don’t want a truce.” Spike flashed her a wicked grin. She was so cute in her little Halloween costume. Even though her hair was a little matted with blood on one side and she had a bruise across her forehead, she was absolutely beautiful. “You owe me!”

Buffy swallowed, marveling at the way his cheekbones stood out so well in the dim moonlight. He hadn’t been lying about being handsome. She had always thought he was unbelievably gorgeous and unbelievably tricky. “What do you want?”

“How about a kiss?”

“A wha..” She blinked several times then stuck her finger in her ear, wiggling it up and down. “I think I’m too addled to hear you. What did you say?”

“I said, ‘how about a kiss’, Slayer.”

“Did you get hit with a rock too?” Buffy eyed him suspiciously.

He took a step toward her and smiled wider when she didn’t walk away. “I got hit all right.”

Before she could protest she was in his arms and his tongue was worming its way past her lips and teeth. One hand was on the back of her neck, massaging her gently and the other was on her lower back, keeping her pressed against him. She weakened, allowing herself to respond even though her mind was screaming at her to slap the ego out of him.

Instinctively, she put her arms around his neck and clung to him. He responded by pulling her even closer and lifted her off her feet. She could feel him walking with her and gasped when she felt the hood of his car underneath her backside with him between her legs. He felt her tense and stepped away, looking down at her. “What?”

“I…I…what are you doing?” Buffy asked in a small voice.

“What would you like me to do?” He raised an eyebrow and slowly drew his tongue along his lower lip. Just as slowly, he drew it across his top lip then leaned in closer to her. “I can smell how hot you are for me, luv.”

Her face reddened and she quickly crossed her legs, only to have him pull them apart and position himself against her. “Don’t, Spike.”

“You’re telling me no for the sake of telling me no. Do you really want to walk home with a pool between your legs and bring yourself off in the lonely shower? I certainly don’t think that sounds inviting.” He trailed his fingers up her thighs and pulled her panties to one side, rubbing his thumb over her swollen clit. “Tell me to stop now. You can’t, can you?”

Buffy couldn’t have protested if she wanted to. In the back of her mind she figured that she could call herself a whore later and be miserable but right now she wanted release. Right now she wanted to feel him inside of her and it didn’t matter what happened afterwards. Her mouth found his again, giving him the answer he longed for and her panties were ripped off in one swift motion.

Spike urged her onto her back and slid her to the edge of the hood, where he lifted her checkered dress and white pinafore, resting it on her chest. He watched his fingers slide in and out of her for several seconds before he gripped the backs of her thighs and pushed her knees into her chest. When she was curled upward and her pussy was wide open, he dipped his head and licked up the length of her, gnawing delicately on her swollen nubbin. She moaned loudly and he repeated the process, only this time, he skipped her clit and worked around it, making her beg.

Buffy cried out as he teased her, whimpering for him to go faster and to touch her in the right spot. After what felt like an eternity he complied and she gripped his head with her hands. He prevented her from closing her legs around his head even as her orgasm shook through her and she tried to pull away and catch her breath. He continued to suck at her tender flesh until she moaned out for the second time, wetting his face with her desire.

“Spike, please?” The words rolling off her lips sounded completely foreign and she was briefly reminded again that this was SPIKE. One more flick of his tongue and she forgot again just as quickly as she remembered. “Please? Now?”

With a grin, he stood and stared down at her heaving chest as she panted on the hood of his car. He swallowed, still tasting her vividly and pulled the front of her dress open, exposing a lacy pink bra. It thrilled him to see that it clasped in the front and he unfastened it quickly. As her breasts spilled from their confines, he moved a hand between his legs and unfastened his jeans. He dipped his head to her chest to pull one hard nipple into his mouth and entered her with one swift motion, taking her breath again.

“Oh God!” She hissed, urging herself upward so he was even deeper. With Parker, he had been so small she barely felt him but this, THIS, was amazing. “Oh God!”

“He’s not here, pet.” Spike growled as he pulled back and slammed into her again. He had been prepared for how wet she was, but he hadn’t been prepared for how tight she was. As he pulled back again, he honestly felt like he was being sucked into her. “Oh God!”

Buffy bucked upward, meeting him thrust for thrust even though the hard metal of the car against her back didn’t allow her to bounce as much as she would have liked. Spike felt her wiggling urgently under him and gathered her into his arms, never pulling himself out of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and let him pin her against the driver’s door of the car. Their faces were only inches apart and she pulled his mouth against hers as he slammed into her over and over.

She felt a euphoric tingling begin in her center and moaned against his mouth. As her third orgasm hit, she tilted her head back and screamed his name. The sound of her pleasure filled voice acknowledging him pushed him over the edge and he released himself in her, soaking her womb with his milky release. He went weak in the knees and sagged against her, resting his head on her chest. He wondered what the hell Parker had been thinking. How could anyone not go back for seconds, thirds and keep at it?

Buffy came back to her senses and immediately felt guilty and stunned by her actions. What had possessed her? Was she such an easy lay now that she would just spread her legs for anybody? For anything? Determined to go find someone to kill her she pushed him away and slid to her feet. Not looking at him, she quickly snapped her bra and tried to button her dress while she waited for the insults.

He caught her trembling hands and moved them away, buttoning her himself. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was thinking. With a sigh, he lifted her panties off the ground and held them up. “I’m sorry I ripped your knickers.”

With a small shrug she took them and stuffed them in her pocket, then she glared at him. “Well…I…should…”

“They were wrong.” Spike stepped closer and tilted her chin so he could stare into her eyes. “They were absolutely the biggest fools in the world. Both of them. I don’t know how anyone could taste you and not become an addict.”

Buffy’s eyes widened and she stared up at him, convinced he would laugh out loud at any moment. When he didn’t, and kissed her again instead, she smiled inside for the first time in far too long.

~ Epilogue (because I feel sappy)

Buffy spun in front of Spike, wearing her Snow White outfit. It had been one year since they had gotten together for the first time and it was the first Halloween of the new Millennium. She wasn’t sure it would be possible to love him more than she did but seeing him dressed as a handsome Prince made it easy for her to fall in love all over again.

He licked his lips as he stared at her innocent outfit and angelic curls. As she pranced in front of him, teasing him unmercifully he glanced across the room at the children from the hospital’s sick ward who were waiting for them to tell the story of Snow White. Since it would be in poor taste to turn it into a porno, even though HE would enjoy it, he took his seat and began to speak.

“Once upon a time..deep in an enchanted kingdom there lived a beautiful girl named Snow White who was so remarkable that she made even the worst creatures fall in love with her…” Spike smiled at Buffy and winked.

Buffy sashayed and picked up the story, “But Snow White had a fate that she didn’t want and she always felt alone and sad because of a jealous stepmother who resented the fact that she was the chosen one by so many people.”

Harmony, who had been given her soul back by Willow out of spite, trudged into the room dressed as the evil stepmother and said, “But it wasn’t fair that the mean..Snow White got everything and she got nothing so she made a plan to get rid of the horrible…I mean step daughter by sending her into the woods.”

As the evening wore on the play was acted out with Giles, Willow, Xander, Oz, Anya, Cordelia and Joyce as the seven dwarfs and Angel and Doyle working the props. At the end of the play, when Spike had to lean down and kiss Buffy to make her wake up all the little kids clapped and Spike whispered, “You’re my everything, you know?”

“I love you, you know?” Buffy whispered back.

“I love you.” He kissed her again and added, “And if I stand up right now in these tights everyone in this room will know how much.”

~The End and I know the ending sucked, sorry!

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