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    After watching the first episode of Season Five, and seeing what I thought was the beginning of Buffy's "darkness", my imagination went wild. I was so excited at the prospect of seeing the Slayer finding her roots and learning who and more importantly *what* she was. I began to speculate with friends about Dawn's purpose, where Buffy got her power, and then the storyline seemed to be shelved on the show. I wasn't ready to see it scrapped.

    There is a Glory in these fics, but she's not a God and she's not a major player. These fics deal with Buffy's downward spiral. What you see on the show really happens here ... to a point, but there's a hidden underbelly that is being explored here and while Joyce will get her tumor, Dawn will be outed as a "key" and everything else is just about the same .. this is my own concept of where Slayers come from, what the "key" is for, and who Spike really was before he was turned and what he knows about Slayers.

    I hope you enjoy it.

The Hunger (Buffy vs Dracula) (1 of 22) is my take on the Buffy vs Dracula series premiere. When Dracula puts the 'burn' on Buffy, it's up to Spike to save the day. Will he sacrifice enough of himself to save her?

Real Me (2 of 22) is my take on the Dawn episode. It's the second episode from the Season Five and of course, it's got a Spike/Buffy twist.

Replacement (3 of 22) takes place *during* the episode The Replacement which was the third episode of Season Five. (Xander's Twin episode)

Out of My Mind (4 of 22) takes place after Spike almost gets his chip out and Buffy asked for his help. He isn't very happy. (December 22, 00)

No Place Like Home takes place during the episode. This is the one where Buffy learns who/what Dawn is.(December 22, 00)

Familytakes place during the episode where we learn Tara's secret. Spike's invisible - wackiness and angst. (January 19, 2001)

Fool For Love (NC-17) takes place during and after the wonderful episode written by Doug Petrie. This is my absolute favorite episode of the season so far. (March 28, 2001)

Shadow takes place after the episode. Buffy slips a little further into the dark side. Believe me, it's going someplace. (March 28, 2001)

Listening To Fear takes place during and after the episode where the space alien thing falls. Joyce is ill, Spike is stealing from Buffy, and the rest is mine. :) (April 27, 2001)

More coming soon!

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